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You’re certainly aware of how Carrie begins: a young lady (Carrie, of course) receives her first period in the shower during her senior year of high school. The other females, being the sensitive animals that they are, yell at her and throw tampons at her. Sue Snell, one of the girls, is distressed by the whole ordeal.

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But, of course, she does nothing to put a stop to it. That would be just too… well… Nice. It’s also logical.

Miss Desjardin, the gym teacher, punishes the troublemakers once she discovers what’s going on. The ringleader of the bullies then blames Carrie for putting her into trouble. Because when you mistreat someone, it is entirely the victim’s fault. (Not.) Anyway, this lady, Chris Hargensen, begins scheming her vengeance. They now have over 10.7 million followers on ‘Instagram.’ She is one of the top 10 TikTok stars, together with her twin sister. Lisa is only a teen, but she is an entrepreneur as well. She owns the ‘Lisaandlena-shop,’ and her product tagline is “Dream it and do it.” She and her sister, Lena, are the family’s youngest children, with two older siblings. Also, you must try to play this Which Carrie Character Are You.

Carrie, meanwhile, realizes she is telekinetic. She can use her mind to lift hairbrushes and knock over rambunctious toddlers on bicycles. (Would she be willing to carry our groceries for us? Do you get it? Carry? We simply haven’t got enough coffee today.)

Carrie Quiz

Chris and her boyfriend, Billy, make a vow of vengeance. Carrie enjoys the prom at first, but Chris and Billy rig the prom election so that Carrie and Tommy are crowned King and Queen. Two buckets of pig’s blood rain on their heads as they approach the front to claim their crowns. Tommy is killed when one of the buckets hits him in the head.

Carrie flees the building as everyone mocks her. She recalls her abilities when she steps outside. She merely means to shut the doors and put on the sprinklers at first, but the electrical speakers react and electrocute two individuals. She then starts a large fire, killing nearly everyone inside.

She starts large fires by destroying electricity lines and causing gas stations to explode as she walks home. When she returns home, her mother attempts to murder her in order to stop what she perceives to be the devil’s work. She discloses that Carrie’s pregnancy was the product of marital rape; Carrie kills her mother by cutting off her mother’s heart when she stabs her with a kitchen knife.

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Margaret believes that Carrie has been possessed by the devil and that she must kill her ini in order to save her. She first informs Carrie that she was conceived as a result of a rape. She stabs Carrie in the shoulder with a kitchen knife, but Carrie does not need weapons to react; she kills Margaret by stopping her heart with her mind alone. She immediately hurries to the roadhouse, where she suspects her mother was raped, and witnesses Chris and Billy leave. Billy’s friend had warned them about the school explosion, so when Billy sees Carrie, he tries to run her down in the automobile. Carrie Quiz telekinetically takes control of the car and drives it into the roadhouse’s wall, instantly killing Chris and Billy.

Sue Snell, who has been receiving Carrie’s telepathic communications, discovers Carrie dead in the parking lot. Carrie thought Sue and Tommy had set her up, but she soon realizes that neither of them had anything to do with the hoax. Sue is forgiven by her just before she dies. As her mother dies, she cries out for her.

Chamberlain has been completely destroyed. The survivors of the night’s slaughter want to relocate somewhere, and despite the state’s allocation of funds for a rebuilding effort, no one wants to stay. Ms Desjardin accepts responsibility for what occurred and resigns from her job. A commission conducts an inquiry and concludes that there will never be another Carrie White; as they do so, a woman writes to her sister about her baby daughter’s telekinetic abilities and believes she received them from her grandmother.For more personality and trivia quizzes check this: How Horny Are You Quiz – Find Out Now

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