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Take this Hot Fuzz quiz to find out which character from Hot Fuzz you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Hot Fuzz is the bigger smash of the year in the United Kingdom (where it opened for a comedy sixth-largest ever), the action-packed comedy by the makers of the successful movie Shaun of the Dead.

Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is London’s finest cop and 400 percent above any other officer in the force with his arrest record. It’s so good, makes it appear horrible for everyone else. As a result, his authorities transfer him into the tranquil and ostensibly crime-free of Sandford where his talents are not going to be so embarrassing.

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Once there, he is paired with Danny Butterman, who is well-meant but exaggerated (Nick Frost). Danny is a great action film enthusiast and feels his new partner of big cities could only be a real “bad boy” and his chance to experience the life he’s so longed for in artillery fighting and automobile chasers. Angel quickly rejects this as infantile imagination, and Danny’s puppy joy just adds to the worsening irritation of Angel.

Hot Fuzz quiz

Angel is persuaded that Sandford isn’t what it looks like after a range of gross crashes hurt the village, though, and Danny dreams more and more of an explosive, high-octane, car-chasing, arms raging, all-out action. Also, you must try to play this Hot Fuzz quiz.

Hot Fuzz is the most anticipated follow-up to Shaun’s cast & crew, a sharp, sleek, bluish cops’ satire. Hot Fuzz is clearly not a satire, or, if it were, an American spoof, consisting of reenactments of the popular movies and cheesy shows of the stuff we have seen. No, Hot Fuzz is far better than that… but does the hype work up?

Shaun – er., I mean Simon Pegg – who is the best cop in London, follows Sergeant Nicholas Angel. He’s so good he, unfortunately, makes all his fellow Members appear awful so that in 30 years. They’ve shipped him to a little town where no killing has occurred.

Hot Fuzz is a British comedy. She did what the majority of British movie stories did, much like Shaun of the Dead: cross borders and strike funny Americans. There’s undoubtedly a different kind of “spoofing” here than in the United States. But Hot Fuzz is actually far smarter and much more enjoyable. Because American films are indeed the most popular action movies. Hot Fuzz certainly has many sequences in US style, but it’s a comedy. How many American spoof/satires had good action scenes, in fact? Which Hot Fuzz character are you?

About the quiz

Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is the finest policeman in London, perhaps in Britain. This is not denied by anyone. Hot Fuzz commences with an assembly that convinces us of his great policing: the university of Canterbury, high skill, advanced riding, and cycling, plays Chess and fences better than most of the force, has a record of 100 meters, exceeds riot management, and murdered a guy’s excrement during a raid.

Oh, this is no longer “force.” It’s a better police service. Sounds less threatening to them. From the mouth of the horse.

Angel has 400 percent more arrests than the rest of the force–sorry, service–and makes everyone else seem terrible. A sergeant in a small hamlet of Sand Ford. Which has won the title of the England Village of the year. Is politically suggested in a battery series by Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy, and Steve Coogan.

Angel is not excited about the proposal because he is addicted to the rapid speed of the fight against crime in London. Orders, however, are commands, and he wants to maintain his work because he lives only for that. He cares so much that he can recite regulation and identify the essential evidence that nobody else has yet identified when he visits his CSI former friend on a crime scene to tell them he is going away.

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