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Take this Fire Force Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

If you play our Which Fire Force Character Are You quiz, you can get one of the Maki Oze, Tamaki Kotatsu, Shinra Kusakabe, Benimaru Shinmon, or others, depending on who is your personality closest to. In this Fire Force quiz, you will need to answer questions about your personality and that is how we will match with the character that is the most similar to you.

If you’re wondering what other Summer 2019 anime to watch besides Demon Slayer, I’d like to draw your attention to Atsushi Kubo’s (Soul Eater) latest creation: Fire Force.

Fire Force, known in Japan as En’en no Shbtai, is set in the future, where the most horrifying cause of death is Spontaneous Human Combustion. But it’s only a matter of time before it catches fire and explodes. In this world, a demon can possess you and ignite your body, transforming you into an Infernal, and the only people capable of stopping this threat are a group of military personnel, scientists, and church officials, some of whom are also pyrokinetic with various fire-based abilities used to fight fire… and other firefighters.

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No one is certain of the cause of this Human Combustion, but many people are convinced that it is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. Someone (or something) is thought to be creating these Infernals for their own nefarious purposes. Shinra Kusakabe is our protagonist, a Third-Generation Fire User with the ability to generate flames from his feet. He lost his mother and brother in a mysterious fire years before the story began, and he is now dedicated to becoming a hero and solving the mystery of Human Combustion. Also, you will find out which character are you in this Fire Force Quiz.

Fire Force Quiz

He is fortunate to be assigned to Fire Force Company 8, which is led by Captain Akitaru bi. Akitaru is a regular person, but he is a stalwart and a leader who is equally dedicated to discovering the cause of all the deaths in his city. Company 8 is initially completed by

  • Takehisa Hinawa is a Second Generation Fire User who manipulates bullet flames to control their trajectory.
  • Maki Oze, a Second Generation Fire User who can manipulate fire to create spires, creates Arthur Boyle, a Fellow New Recruit and Third Generation Fire User who can create a Plasma Sword (cough cough lightsaber cough cough). Also, he is possibly the dumbest character in anime. He had forgotten that he was right-handed.
  • Sister Iris, a Holy Sol Template Sister in charge of praying for the souls of the Infernals.

The first three episodes are standard meet-the-party shenanigans, as the new recruit competes in the Rookie Games, where we meet other members of other Fire Force Companies, most notably Captain Burns, the firefighter who was there when Shinra’s family died, and Tamaki Kotatsu, a Third Generation Fire user who can generate a cat-like aura of fire around her as well as an innate inability to put herself in compromising positions in an all-to-anime way and is Shinra, Arthur, and Tamaki eventually face off against a man named Joker, who begins wreaking havoc. Also, you must try to play this quiz.

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After the literal and metaphorical dust settles, Shinra discovers that Company 8 was formed to investigate Companies 1-7, and thus the true story begins.

“Time can be annoying at times, but we’re surrounded by warmth.”
Without further ado, the next arc pits Company 8 against Company 5, led by Princes Hibana.

After a serial killer firefighter is turned into the first self-aware Infernal the cast has seen, Company 5 quickly calls jurisdiction and takes custody of the Infernal. As a result, Akitaru gathers a team to figure out what Hibana knows about Human Combustion.

This situation becomes more complicated when it is revealed that Sister Iris was friends with Hibana, and when Iris visits her friend, she is turned into bait, resulting in an epic battle between Company 8 and Company 5, and, more importantly, Shinra and Hibana. After being defeated, Hibana makes amends with Iris and decides to assist Company 8 with their investigation, which quickly pivots to Company 1.

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