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Mississippi River Adventures

Who hasn’t heard of the rebellious adolescent with the big straw hat? But Mark Twain’s second book about the young Huckleberry Finn – Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is the sequel to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – is much more than a fun-filled children’s story. It’s dark in places, dealing with difficult subjects like slavery, lies, betrayal, moral actions, and true friendship. It is a biting satire of American South romanticism as well as a poignant portrayal of pre–Civil War American society as Huckleberry Finn’s often naive but always perceptive perspective questions preconceived ideas and accepted prejudices. Nonetheless, at the end of his journey down the Mississippi, he and the runaway slave Jim arrive at the pinnacle of the American dream: freedom!

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What happened previously

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer concludes with Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer discovering a large sum of money hidden by a band of robbers. They each receive $6,000 – a sizable sum for the boys – which Judge Thatcher invests on their behalf at the bank. Huckleberry is adopted by The Widow Douglas and her extremely conservative and religious sister Miss Watson, but he resists their attempts to “civilize” him and flees. Tom persuades him to come back. He does, but Huck is not pleased. Also, you must try to play this Huck Finn Quiz.

Huck Finn Quiz

The Widow’s House Life

While Huckleberry enjoys some of the luxuries his new life provides, he misses the freedom to do and wear whatever he wants. The new clothes make him feel “cramped up,” he struggles with Widow Douglas’s strict time schedule, and he doesn’t see the point of praying or reading the Bible. Tom appears in the garden one night, just as Huckleberry is feeling down, and the two of them steal away. Tom has grand plans to form a robbery gang with Huck and a few other boys. Tom makes each of the boys swear an oath of allegiance that he has compiled from a variety of pirate and robber stories he has read. They all sign the oath with their blood and decide that robbery and murder will be their “line of business.”

A Deceased Person in the River

One day, some locals go fishing in the river that runs through town. Even though it’s severely bloated, they believe it’s Huck’s father, an alcoholic prone to violence who never bothered with his son except to viciously beat him. Huck is relieved to hear the news, though he isn’t completely convinced that the body is his father’s. Meanwhile, the gang meets regularly, but they never get past “pretend” robberies fueled by Tom’s imagination. The band will soon disband.

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The Abduction

Huck’s father wants his son’s money, but Judge Thatcher refuses. The judge and the Widow Douglas try to get custody of Huck, but a new judge in town, who knows nothing about Huck’s father, decides that separating father and son is not a good idea. The new judge accepts Huck’s father and attempts to reform him, but soon admits defeat. In order to obtain Huck’s money, Huck’s father files a lawsuit. He also tries to prevent the boy from attending school. He waits for Huck and kidnaps him after the widow tells him to leave. He drives him across the river to an old wooden cabin in Illinois. They survive by fishing and hunting, and Huck enjoys the freedom of not having to wash, dress properly, eat from a plate, and so on. However, his father soon resumes hitting him. He also locks Huck in the cabin whenever he goes away, which can be for several days at a time.

The Evasion

Huck can’t take it any longer and devises a plan to flee. While his father is away, he finds a rusted saw and begins sawing a hole in the cabin wall. The man returns in a bad mood because the lawsuit for Huck’s money is dragging on. In addition, the judge and the widow have begun a new attempt to be appointed as Huck’s guardians. Going back to “civilization” doesn’t appeal to Huck, and he intends to flee that night after his father drinks himself to insanity. Huck, on the other hand, falls asleep with the gun across his lap and does not wake up until late the next morning. He tells his father that he heard someone walking around the cabin, which is why he has the gun. His father sends him fishing, and Huck comes across a canoe drifting down the river. He drags it ashore and conceals it. His father returns to town in the afternoon, and Huck goes to work. He loads all of the cabin’s provisions and tools into the canoe, then shoots a wild pig and splatters its blood around the cabin, staging his own murder. He paddles his canoe toward Jackson Island, leaving an ax with blood and a piece of his hair stuck to it.

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