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Why did Mr. Turner vanish?

Mr. Turner disappeared at the end of Season 3 and is no longer mentioned in the show. Because he was an adult figure in the show next to Mr. Feeny, his disappearance was noticeable. He looked after Shawn after his parents abandoned him and were close friends of Mr. Feeny. Fans missed him, and no update was ever provided in the original series. “I wish they kept him longer in the following seasons, especially because of his huge impact on Shawn,” Jshine1337 wrote. Fans are left wondering why the show’s writers wrote him off without an update.

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Jack and Eric had no reason to leave their apartment.

If there’s one thing that keeps Reddit users awake at night, it’s the fact that Rachel evicted Jack and Eric from their own apartment.

When Jack returned to his apartment after his breakup with Rachel and discovered that she was still there, he deserved more in season 7. Rachel informed Jack that she had invited Topanga and Angela to live with her now that they had passed away. This left Jack and Eric homeless. Reddit is furious with Rachel because it was Jack’s apartment in the first place. “I never understood why Rachel thought it was okay to kick Jack and Eric out of the apartment when it was his, to begin with,” Yolo1567 wrote. Others agreed, saying the decision perplexed them because Jack’s name was on the lease. Also, you must try to play this Boy Meets World Quiz.

Boy Meets World Quiz

Shawn and Angela’s story comes to a tragic end.

Shawn and Angela had one of the most endearing friendships on Boy Meets World. They met at an age in their lives when they were ready to commit to each other. Some fans preferred this pairing over Topanga and Cory’s. Nonetheless, when Shawn and Angela ended their relationship, fans felt they deserved a happier ending. Also, you will find out which Boy Meets World character are you in this quiz.

Fans were shocked when Angela returned after their breakup and revealed that she was married and wanted children. “They brought her back as if she were one of his many flings, when she was at one point everything to Shawn,” Swaye23 wrote. “The fact that he literally wanted to propose to her but didn’t just let her leave with her dad and then that was the ending we got with them?” another fan expressed disgust. Huh?”

Shawn’s Mother’s Absence Was Unnecessary

Shawn’s mother, Virna, returned after a year on the run in the fourth season. She promised to be a better mother and wife in order to make amends for her mistakes in the past. Virna, like Mr. Turner, was not seen again after season 4. To compound matters, Shawn discovered in season 7 that Virna was not his biological mother. Fans thought this was a great opportunity for Shawn to find his biological mother and have a healthy relationship with a parent, but it never materialized. It didn’t make sense for Boy Meets World to announce Shawn had a new mother without introducing her.

“Why did Shawn’s mother just run away again without explanation?” Mega whale inquired. They could have found another actress to play Topanga’s mother, especially after having three completely different-looking men play Topanga’s father.”

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What about Morgan, for example?

Morgan was one of the most endearing characters in the early episodes, but she appeared in fewer and fewer episodes as the show progressed. LavenderJayde on Reddit was irritated by the fact that “Morgan vanishes.” Morgan’s absence kept fans awake at night because the show is centered on the Matthews family. Why were her storylines sidelined rather than highlighted like the rest of the family’s?

Why did Cory and Topanga end up together?

As much as fans adored Cory and Topanga’s relationship, some felt that the show gave them false hope in terms of relationships. Bridgers was bothered that Topanga and Cory were endgames after growing up together on the show, which was supposed to be a “realistic coming of age” series. ” “Why was it necessary for Cory and Topanga to be together forever?” they wondered. Despite some serious red flags that bothered viewers, the two grew up together and married. Some felt they would be better off as friends rather than forced to settle for one another.

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