Dumb Bitch Test: Are You A Dumb Bitch?

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Take this dumb bitch test to find out if you are a dumb bitch. This is up-to-date quiz to check your bitch dumbness.

Dumb Bitch Test Explained In Details

Use the dumb bitch test to get an estimate of your bitch dumbness. The more bitch things you have done in life the dumber you are. Additionally, the result will reflect your bitch stupidness.

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Are You A Dumb Bitch?

It all depends on how are your answers to the given questions. If you are sincere then the results will be more accurate. That is how we can tell if you are a dumb bitch or not.

Who Can Be A Dumb Bitch?

Dumb bitch are people with low intelligence. Modern dumb bitch usually spends their time on social media and makes provocations on other people. Sometimes dumb bitch people are selfish, passive-aggressive, and over-the-top.

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Origins Of Dumb Bitch Test?

The roots of this test are not from long ago even you might think that this is with us over the decades that have passed. People always tend to have the bitch mentality, so they want to check if they are or they are not dumb bitch. The new generation z and millennials take this kind of tests on social media as we know it today.

How To Take It?

This is not the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. Just press the start quiz button and you will dive into the dumb bitch test questions. Most of the questions will be about the things that you do in your life. Some of the questions are personality questions.

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What Contributes To The Overall Result?

Because life decisions are the main factor of this dumb bitch test, here are some of the things that contribute to the overall results:


Young ones are more dumb bitch than older ones.

Social Media

The more time you spend on social media, the more dumb bitch you are.


If you are selfish, you will be a dumb bitch.

Why People Are Like Dumb Bitch?

Dumb bitch may be spiteful, lewd, and difficult, but they can also be so much more. There are few things more fun than watching them make poor choices unapologetically. They are the ones you want to be around, the ones who could leave you stranded at a ridiculous party in a fringy part of town and you can’t stay mad at them for it.

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Where Are Dumb Bitch Tests Famous?

Social media played a vital part in making the dumb bitch tests famous. Tik Tok users calculate their dumbness every day. They sometimes change the answers to make their final result even higher. In the end, this game is made for fun and should not be taken seriously.

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