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Diary Quiz – What Is Your Diary Style


Take this Diary Quiz to find out what is your diary style. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Let us first define what a diary is.
A diary is a personal journal in which people write about their deepest thoughts and particular interests. Some people keep diaries to communicate their sentiments, while others record quotes and stories.

You can keep an infinite number of thoughts and life experiences that occur in our lives in our diaries.

What motivates people to keep diaries?
Writing a diary on a regular basis gives us self-discipline and self-control. People communicate their feelings of love, grief, anger, happiness, pleasure, curiosity, enthusiasm, and thankfulness. Which makes people feel good at times.

Editor’s Picks

Select a Notebook

You’ll need to start by purchasing a journal. Purchase one that speaks to you. “Finding a pen and diary that excites me and feels really nice to bring out every day always makes me more eager and less timid,” Emily Chertow explains. “Begin by picking a diary that fits comfortably in your lap and a pen that fits well in your hand!” Her favorite writing instruments are a Pilot G7 pen and a hardback Moleskine journal.

Diary Quiz

The paper and size are extremely essential to Jaclyn Carter. “I need some lines to assist guide me, but they can’t be too dark because I like drawing and painting larger things.” I don’t want my diaries to be too large and unwieldy, but I do need a lot of space.” She makes use of the DesignWorks Standard Issue No. 3 Notebook, which she obtained from Yours Truly (680 Fulton St.).

Meanwhile, Lynda Barry swears by a plain black and white college-ruled notepad that can be purchased for a few dollars at any grocery shop. You can also buy one that is specific to a period and location, such as our Brooklyn-based notebooks designed by Idlewild Co.
There are various types of diaries in which you can write whatever you wish. Also, you must try to play this Diary Quiz.

We may be unable to verbalize our emotions at times, but writing them down on paper provides us with solace.

Diaries of Various Types
Diaries of Motivation – Nowadays, most people enjoy keeping a motivational diary. You can motivate yourself by writing about your strengths and setting goals for your life.

People occasionally decorate and make creative writing diaries in which you can write about your interests and hobbies. This type of diary can also be used to write creative inspirational quotes and stories.

About the quiz

Personal Secret Diary – In general, teenagers enjoy writing personal diaries in which they express their innermost feelings and thoughts. It’s a detailed journal in which you can write about anything you like, including your hobbies, interests, thoughts, emotions, life events, travel experiences, gratitude, and more.

Food Diaries – A food diary is a piece for foodies who enjoy eating and writing recipes. You can write about your favorite cuisine or its recipe so that you can prepare it or share it with others.

Work Diary — A work diary is a daily record of your work-related tasks. You can create daily objectives and goals for your working life, as well as record your best experiences.

Digital Diary – Digital diaries are online diaries that people keep. There are numerous places where you can create a digital diary and record your thoughts. You can also record audio for your diary entries.

Journal Diary – Keeping a journal diary allows you to visually express your thoughts and ideas.

Fitness Diary – Fitness Diary is one of the most popular diaries among fitness lovers. These diaries are used by people to write about their favorite sport and their playing experiences. Athletes typically utilize it to preserve personal data, achievements, trophies, and photographs.

Dream Journal – A dream diary is one of the most creative forms of diaries since it allows you to write about your dreams.

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