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Candide Quiz – Book Trivia Quizzes


Take this Candide Quiz to find out how well you remember the book. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

A German baron’s unrelated nephew is Candide. He is educated by the learned Pangloss while growing up in the baron’s castle and is taught that this is “the best of all possible universes.” Cunégonde, the little daughter of the baron, captures Candide’s heart. When the baron sees the couple kissing, he kicks Candide out of his house. First living alone, Candide is soon enlisted in the Bulgar army. He takes a quick stroll out from camp before being cruelly flogged as a deserter. He escapes after witnessing a horrifying battle and makes his way to Holland.

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A gentle Anabaptist named Jacques takes in Candide in Holland. When Pangloss appears as a disfigured beggar, Candide recognizes him. Pangloss says that he has syphilis and that the Bulgar army has mercilessly murdered Cunégonde and her family. He yet has a positive attitude. Pangloss is also taken in by Jacques. Together, the three set off for Lisbon, but Jacques drowns when their ship encounters a storm en route. When Candide and Pangloss reach Lisbon, they discover that it has been devastated by an earthquake and is now governed by the Inquisition. This Candide quiz will help you remember certain details.

Candide quiz

Soon after Candide is flogged for agreeing with Pangloss’ ideology, Pangloss is hanged as a heretic. After assaulting him, an elderly woman tends to his wounds before shockingly transporting him to Cunégonde. Although the Bulgars massacred the rest of her family, according to Cunégonde, she was only raped before being kidnapped by a captain and sold to a Jew named Don Isaachar. She is currently owned by Don Isaachar and the Grand Inquisitor of Lisbon as a sex slave. As she and Candide are conversing, each of Cunégonde’s two owners arrives in turn, and Candide kills them both. Cunégonde, the elderly woman, and Candide flee in terror and board a ship sailing for South America. The elderly woman tells her own story as they go. She was the Pope’s daughter at birth, yet she has through a long list of tragedies, such as rape, slavery, and cannibalism. Also, you must try to play this Candide quiz.



Candide, the book’s main character, is a kind-hearted but utterly naive young man. Their reality is “the best of all imaginable universes,” his instructor Pangloss teaches him. Candide traverses the world and encounters a wide range of disasters after being expelled from his adopted childhood home. He does this while seeking security and pursuing Cunégonde, the lady he loves. He is frequently forced to put his trust in Pangloss’ unadulterated optimism. Rather than being a genuine character, Candide serves as a conduit for the beliefs and happenings around him. Nearly all external influences have an impact on his decisions and actions.


Pangloss is Candide’s teacher and a philosopher. The main target of the novel’s satire is his upbeat conviction that this planet is “the best of all imaginable worlds.” Despite his personal experiences contradicting this notion, Pangloss sticks to it. Pangloss is a two-dimensional character, similar to Candide. He is a blown-up satire of too optimistic Enlightenment intellectuals instead.


Candide makes friends with Martin, a pessimistic academic, and they go on a journey together. Martin, who has experienced a significant lot of suffering, advocates an unadulterated pessimistic way of thinking. Martin is a faulty philosopher, yet more knowledgeable and bright than either Candide or Pangloss. He frequently struggles to view the world as it actually is because he consistently assumes the worst from it.


A German baron’s daughter named Cunégonde serves as Candide’s patron up until the point when he learns that Candide has feelings for his daughter. Cunégonde is young and attractive for the most of the book. A series of shady men enslave her or use her as their mistress after a conflict destroys her father’s castle. Although she shares Candide’s affection, Cunégonde is willing to act in her own self-interest. She is neither intelligent nor sophisticated, like him. Her sheer blandness gives Candide’s crazed romantic lust for her a satirical spin.

About the Candide quiz

15 multiple-choice questions in the free Candide quiz below will help you gauge your knowledge of the book. Determine which chapters, ideas, and writing techniques you already understand, as well as what you still need to learn in preparation for your forthcoming essay, midterm, or final test. Now take the free test!

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candide quiz
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