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A muscular dog named Buck, who is half sheepdog and half St. Bernard, resides on Judge Miller’s property in the Santa Clara Valley of California. His luxurious life there comes to an end when gold is discovered in Canada’s Klondike region and there is a huge demand for powerful dogs to pull sleds. On the Miller estate, Buck is taken by a gardener and sold to dog merchants, who use a club to teach Buck to obey before shipping him up to the Klondike.

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Buck is shocked by the harshness he encounters when he first arrives in the frigid North. Another dog from his ship, Curly, jumps from the boat and is immediately attacked and killed by a band of huskies. Buck makes a promise not to suffer the same fate after witnessing her demise. Buck transitions to life as a sled dog after becoming the property of Francois and Perrault, two letter couriers employed by the Canadian government. He rediscovers his primal impulses, learning to fight, forage for food, and spend the cold winter nights sleeping under the snow. He also grows an intense rivalry with Spitz, the team’s lead dog, at the same time. A herd of wild dogs breaks up one of their bouts, but Buck starts to challenge Spitz’s dominance, and eventually the two dogs get into a significant altercation. Spitz is killed, and Buck replaces him as the alpha dog. Also, you must try to play this Call Of The Wild quiz.

Call Of The Wild quiz

The sled driven by Francois and Perrault sets a new speed record with Buck at the helm. But soon after, the men hand the team over to a mailman, who makes the dogs carry increasingly greater weights. One of the dogs gets sick during an especially difficult journey, and the driver ultimately has to shoot him. When the journey is over and the dogs are worn out, the mailman sells them to Hal, Charles, and Mercedes, a gang of American gold miners. This Call Of The Wild quiz will help you remember certain details.



a strong dog that is sold as a sled dog in the Arctic after being stolen from a California mansion. The dog is half St. Bernard and half sheepdog. Buck transforms over time from a spoiled pet to a fearsome, expert creature who can survive in the harsh, kill-or-be-killed world of the North. Though he loves John Thornton, his last master, he feels the nature drawing him away from civilisation and longs to rekindle his species’ prehistoric roots.

John Thornton

The last master Buck had was a gold hunter who knew how to live in the Klondike. Thornton prevents Buck from dying at Hal’s hands, and Buck shows Thornton ferocious loyalty in return. The bond between Thornton and Buck is the epitome of a man and a dog: one protects the other’s interests and is wholly committed to the other. Buck thinks that he is being called into the wild, but their link is strong enough to prevent him from following it.


The founder of Francois’s dog squad and Buck’s fiercest adversary. A man once referred to the Spitz as a “devil-dog” because of how used to winning in dog fights he is. Buck, however, who is as powerful as Spitz and more clever, proves to be a match for him. Spitz is an immoral creature that disregards good and wrong in his fierce battle for survival.


a French Canadian mailman who purchases Buck and incorporates him into his group. Buck is greatly impressed with Francois’ fairness and common sense. He is an experienced man who is accustomed to life in the North.

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