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Take this Bling Empire quiz to find out which character from Bling Empire you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

A few episodes into the new reality series Bling Empire on Netflix, there is a throwaway scene in which three of the cast members gather to discuss recent events while purchasing soup ingredients at a Chinese health food store. The men begin trading jabs about their spending patterns and romantic relationships as they sort through containers of ginseng, sea cucumbers, and deer antlers. Up until one of them notices a $15,000 chunk of dried fish maw, it’s the ideal East-meets-West setup for a reality-show brawl (a type of fish bladder believed to be good for the skin). The topic abruptly shifts from why he hasn’t proposed to his fiancée while she is expecting to what kind of traditional soup he can create for her instead utilizing the fish maw. This is Bling Empire, a show that offers more than just tea; it also provides a complete dinner.

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The program, which is loosely touted as a reality-TV adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians, chronicles the lavish lifestyles of a group of Asian friends in Los Angeles who get together to drink, gossip, and shop. The half-Russian, half-Japanese daughter of an alleged arms dealer (whose father sells bombs, guns, and defense technology and is worth like, a few billion), a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and his glamorous wife, a son of a Singapore real estate magnate, a daughter of a Chinese tech billionaire, and a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon round out the cast. Also, you will find out which Bling Empire character are you in this quiz.

Bling Empire quiz

The eight-episode series follows the actors as they jet off to Paris, indulge in designer shopping in Las Vegas, host opulent dinner parties, and enjoy spa days at opulent residences worth millions in Beverly Hills, Calabasas, and Malibu. The first episode begins with a lavish Chinese New Year meal that allegedly shut down a large portion of Rodeo Drive. A few nights later, it finishes at a high-society event when a disagreement over seating arrangements and farewell gifts reveals the first cracks between foes. Also, you must try to play this Bling Empire quiz.


Kane Lim

One of the series’ most notable stars is Kane. Even though it would be simple to presume that he would be materialistic, he is a wonderful friend and a deeply spiritual person. Kane does have a passion for expensive goods and powerful people, but he is more than that.

Fans (and his pals) disliked Kane because of how much controversy he stirred up. Particularly in season 2, Kane pursued his closest friend Kevin, interfered with Anna and Christine, and circulated the Cherie and Jessey myth. He may have been more endearing if he had avoided getting involved in the majority of these plots.

Kelly Mi Li

Although Kelly is a likeable, sweet, and successful person generally, her toxic connection with Andrew in season 1 prevented her from reaching her full potential.

Kelly made a point of focusing on her relationship with herself in season 2 as opposed to a romantic one, which was admirable. She did the work to discover what made her happy rather than getting too caught up in the group’s drama. These factors make Kelly one of the cast members who is easier to like.

Cherie Chan

Because she is a woman who is committed to her family and didn’t bother to amuse the group’s drama, Cherie is likeable. Cherie’s attention in season 1 was divided between caring for her two children, her relationship with Jessey, and her mother’s passing.

The fact that Cherie and her (now) husband had one of the higher net worths on Bling Empire made it exciting to follow their life. However, their relationship became a talking point in season 2 when it was suggested that it began as an affair.

Kevin Kreider

The charming and silly hero of the series is Kevin. It is entertaining to watch the other cast members pamper him like a new pet, even though he is not nearly as clueless to the beautiful lifestyle as the show likes to make it seem.

Because Kevin is charming and a terrific buddy, it’s simple to support him. Some of the better parts of Bling Empire revolved around his friendship with Kane Lim. He’s still a respected and liked man even though his pursuit of Kelly and Kim waned.

Anna Shay

Anna Shay is arguably the cast member who is the most fascinating. As the oldest member of the group, Anna stole the show. She is one of the group’s wealthiest members. She was, nevertheless, amusingly weird and down to earth.

Anna tries to shield others from Andrew, even Kelly, and she is unimpressed by drama and wealth. Although she has a certain air of mystery about her, many of her fans appreciate her sincerity.

About the Bling Empire quiz

The Bling Empire quiz is made up of 30 questions that will help you uncover which character from the tv-show The Bling Empire (2022) you are most similar to. It uses a specific technique to determine your personality and compare it with the character in the movie.

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bling empire quiz
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