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Take this A Boy Called Christmas Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

“A Boy Called Christmas” is a regal origin story for Santa Claus, complete with a star-studded cast, beautiful cinematography, and some somber aspects to keep it from being overly saccharine.

Dame Maggie Smith plays Aunt Ruth, a last-minute babysitter for three children who are still grieving over their mother. It’s Christmas Eve, but their father Matt (Joel Fry), who is melancholy and distracted, has decided they won’t celebrate this year. There won’t be any decorations or gifts.

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Aunt Ruth begins to tell the children a story of a youngster named Nikolas (Henry Lawfull) who lived a long time ago in a remote mountain cottage in Finland with his father, a woodcutter named Joel after he left for a work emergency (Michiel Huisman). Nikolas is also in mourning for his late mother, who was killed by a bear, and each night he asks his father to tell him the story she used to tell, about a little girl who got lost in the woods one winter and came across a community of elves who loved and protected her until the spring thaw allowed her to return home, “her pockets full of chocolates.”

A Boy Called Christmas Quiz

Nikolas only has one toy, a turnip doll made by his mother. And he has one companion, a mouse named Miika whom he attempts to teach to speak. Also, you must try to play this A Boy Called Christmas Quiz.

The king (Jim Broadbent) summons his most devoted people, including Joel, to issue a challenge. He wants to restore hope to his people, and he wants every one of them to set out on a journey to discover it. Joel joins a party to search for the elves, just in case, it isn’t a fairy tale. He, like Matt, delegated authority to an aunt. But Aunt Charlotte (Kristen Wiig, if you look beyond the awful teeth) is not the type to read a warm bedtime story. She’s not even the type to cook or allow Nikolas to sleep inside the cottage. She is self-centered and cruel. When Nikolas obtains a clue to the location of Elfhelm, he and Miika (wittily voiced by Stephen Merchant) set off to find his father to assist him in his hunt.

Their search becomes a beautiful trip over icy mountains, complete with natural and amazing hurdles. Nikolas assists a reindeer and calls him Lake Blitzen. He also has a frightening meeting with a troll and a less frightening encounter with a winged pixie who can only tell the truth and enjoys setting off colorful miniature explosives. That is the origin of the British tradition of Christmas crackers, which produce a small pop when the tab is pulled and then open up to reveal paper hats and absurdly silly jokes.

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Elfhelm is problematic, as headed by a dictatorial Mother Vodal (Sally Hawkins). It’s no longer the happy, generous environment it once was because outsiders they welcomed turned on them. As we see the origins of numerous Christmas traditions, Nikolas will learn some hard and tough lessons, but he always reacts to difficulties with kindness and integrity.

The lushness of Dario Marianelli’s score, as well as the visual grandeur and intricacy of Gary Williamson’s production design, give “A Boy Called Christmas” a genuine feeling of magic. Delicate animation depicts Joel’s bedtime narrative about Elfhelm, as well as the smooth transitions from Aunt Ruth and the children to Nikolas’ exploits. There are a few sneaky nods to common issues, such as the formation of a group named The Resistance to oppose Mother Vodal’s frightened authoritarianism. There’s also the king’s rhetorical query to his subjects about what might make their lives better. They make a few tentative recommendations, such as “health care” and “a livable wage,” but he insists on a quest for “hope,” even if it means “most of you will die.”

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