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It’s natural to wonder what makes you likable, lovable, or, conversely, intolerable on occasion. You wonder if that little quirk is actually cute or if it’s something you should try to control a little more. Everyone wants to be loved, but the good news is that there is a slew of little things you didn’t realize made you more lovable. Some of the characteristics that you may perceive as repulsive, embarrassing, or otherwise flawed in yourself are, in fact, those that endears you to others. To put it another way, you’re probably being too hard on yourself.

Many small things that you don’t think about, such as simply being yourself, can make you more lovable. Being authentically you, rather than focusing on what you believe the people you interact with want you to be, can attract people and influence how likable you are. Some of the things that make you more lovable aren’t even necessarily things you do specifically to get people to like you, but rather are aspects of your personality. You may believe that how lovable you are is determined by your appearance, sex life, or obvious characteristics that everyone will adore, but some of what makes you lovable may be more subtle.

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You Easily Become Embarrassed
You might think that being easily embarrassed is something to be ashamed of, but it isn’t. Researchers discovered that other people find your feelings of embarrassment lovable, rather than awkward or cringeworthy, in a 2012 paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. To summarize, you do not have to be embarrassed about how easily you show your embarrassment. It’s a lot more appealing than you imagined.

Why Do People Love You Quiz

You Actually Pay Attention
It may seem like a minor point, but author Stephen R. Covey wrote in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change that most people listen with the intent of thinking about what they’ll say next, rather than hearing and processing what the other person is saying. Furthermore, Elly Klein, a love and relationship expert, told Bravo’s Personal Space that when you feel like you were actually heard, it can serve to validate your feelings and experiences. It’s comforting to know that someone was paying attention to what you were saying and bothered to remember it. Also, you must try to play this Why Do People Love You Quiz.

You’re a Giver
In the aforementioned post, Klein stated, “If you give more than you receive, you’re far more likely to be lovable.” Being generous entails more than just giving good gifts; it also entails being present for your friends, partner, and family members and supporting them when they need it, even if it isn’t always 100% convenient for you. Allow no one to walk all over you, but be generous when possible.

You are Yourselves
Being yourself is usually preferable to attempting to be someone else, even if that person appears to be more likable. According to Sherry Beck Paprocki, a personal branding expert, speaker, and author of Content Marketing: 50 Ways to Tell Your Story, being yourself and celebrating what sets you apart from others can help you be more successful. While she was discussing branding and marketing, the same can be said for attracting people to your personality. Being the same as everyone else will not make you more likable, despite what you may believe.

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You’re a little klutzy at times.
Researchers discovered in a study published in the journal Psychonomic Science that being a little clumsy if you’re otherwise competent and successful can make you more attractive because it makes you seem more human and approachable. Sure, you might feel embarrassed for a moment, but it probably didn’t appear as awkward to others as you thought it did to you.

You’re Intuitive
Being considerate is always appreciated. While you may believe you are simply being kind, polite, or respectful (or, you know, yourself), being genuinely thoughtful leaves a positive lasting impression and shows the other person that you genuinely care.

You’re an excellent communicator.
Communication is essential in all relationships, whether they are between partners, friends, family members, or coworkers. Klein stated in the previously mentioned post on Personal Space that words, tone, and nonverbal communication all matter. If you’ve mastered all of that, you’ll be able to effectively communicate with others, making you appear more understanding and lovable.

You’re Not Judgmental
Let’s face it: fearing that a friend or partner will judge you for something doesn’t exactly make you want to share. Knowing that they can come to you and tell you anything and that you will not judge them or make them feel unnecessarily terrible, belittled, or put down will undoubtedly endear you to them.

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