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Take this Raising Dion Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

‘Raising Dion,’ a Netflix superhero series, tells the story of a young boy, Dion Warren, who discovers he has superpowers and begins learning how to control them while navigating the world. The series is about Dion’s mother, Nicole, as much as it is about him. Nicole, a single mother, will go to any length to keep him safe from the outside world. But Dion’s abilities are more than meets the eye. There is a greater force at work, one that will not stop until it has absorbed Dion’s powers. The question is whether Dion is ready for it.

‘Raising Dion’ Season 1 is comprised of 9 episodes that run for an average of 45 minutes and was created by Carol Barbee.

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Nicole Warren, a single mother, and her son Dion Warren have just moved to a new Atlanta neighborhood. Dion has a difficult time making friends at school. Nicole, too, struggles to balance work and home life. Mark, Dion’s colleague, and best friend is Dion’s godfather. The first episode of ‘Raising Dion’ introduces us to Dion’s superpowers right away. Nicole takes Dion to his father, Mark’s, lakeside cabin for some peace and quiet. She finds a note in one of Mark’s jackets with the name “Charlotte Tuck” and a number on it. Charlotte Tuck was the woman Mark saved in the storm before he died. A storm forms over the lake where Nicole and Dion see Mark that night.

More of Dion’s abilities are revealed in Episode 2. Nicole tries to learn more about Charlotte Tuck by enlisting the assistance of Pat, who works at BIONA, a biotechnology company that is currently researching climate change. Pat discovers that Charlotte vanished after August 12, 2017, the same day Mark died saving her. He, too, learns about Dion’s abilities. Also, you must try to play this Raising Dion Quiz.

Raising Dion Quiz

Episode 3: Nicole gives Dion his father’s watch at Pat’s suggestion. The watch is supposed to assist him in focusing his abilities. Nicole receives a phone call from Charlotte Tuck, who informs her that Mark, too, possessed abilities that he passed on to Dion, and that everyone present at the Aurora event in Iceland received powers from the sky that “exploded.” Nicole informs Pat of everything, and Pat expresses an interest in speaking with Charlotte. Charlotte sends Nicole a video of “the thing in the storm,” which killed Mark.

Episode 4: Pat takes Dion on a tour of the BIONA facility, where they break into a secret laboratory. Pat discovers that BIONA is conducting research on people who attended the Aurora event in Iceland. Meanwhile, Dion uses his abilities to heal a fox, one of the many animals brought over from Iceland. Nicole discovers more information about the lightning man. Also, you will find out which character are you in this quiz.

Episode 5: What happened to Mark at the Aurora event in Iceland is depicted in Episode 5. We see him using his abilities. We see his encounter with Charlotte Tuck as well as the incident that led to his death. It is also stated that he was killed by the “lightning man.” Returning to the present, Dion’s birthday is approaching. Dion notices something in the rain that night and tells Nicole about it. Nicole, too, notices Mark in the storm.

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Episode 6: Charlotte Tuck appears at the Warren home and agrees to assist Dion in controlling his powers. Dion’s training has begun. Suzanne contacts Pat and inquires about the Iceland event. The area around the incident has necrosis, but the spot has remained harmless, and it appears that the meteor showers’ effects are protecting it, the same shower that gave powers to everyone who was present there. Nicole discovers a memory chip inside Dion’s (basically his father’s) watch.

Episode 7: Nicole gives Pat the data she discovered in the memory chip for further analysis at BIONA labs. Charlotte goes to meet Walter Mills, one of those on Mark’s list of those affected, only to discover that he is no longer alive. Brayden, his son, has inherited his father’s abilities and can read people’s minds. Dion is rushed to the hospital with an unknown illness. Nicole is opposed to this because any test on Dion could reveal his abilities. She rushes to the hospital as well. Pat arrives with the information he discovered. Kat heals Din, only for the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to come and forcefully remove him.

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