Would You Survive The Purge?

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The Purge is unlike any other American holiday. There aren’t any, and that’s a good thing. But what if it was true, this one night a year when any crime, including murder, was legal? Would you rather hide or seek? What do you mean, you’re a patriot?

The Purge franchise provides the same visceral thrills as a normal zombie film, picturing a lawless society in which you must kill or be killed. Even after four films, the premise is still ripe for investigation, as evidenced by the USA Network’s ten-episode Purge television event, which premieres on Tuesday, September 4.

The Purge is a competition that’s difficult to win without being morally compromised, pitting neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, and — if the slaughter is too limited — government goons against the otherwise-peaceful public (or worse). However, after four action-packed stories of survival, grit, and pure anarchy, we’ve discovered a few ways that would assist any Purge participant get through the night reasonably uninjured, as well as a few tactics to avoid at all costs.

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Naturally, these are made-up stories, and we’re all just having fun — but if the Purge actually did go off, would you be prepared to survive? Follow along as we go over the dos and don’ts of Purge night. Also, you must try to play this Would You Survive The Purge quiz.

Would You Survive The Purge?

Preparation is essential.

When you ask any manager about the five, six, or seven-odd P’s, you’ll always receive the same answer: “Proper planning prevents bad performance.” It’s an adage that can be applied to everything from restaurant service to the front lines, and it also applies to the Purge. Simply said, if you’re caught off guard when the Purge sirens sound and haven’t already stocked up on the barbed wire, Cookie Crisp, and rocket-propelled grenades, you deserve whatever comes your way, friend. This is analogous to waiting until April 14 to begin filing taxes: if you haven’t done it by then, you haven’t done it, at least not to your full capacity. You procrastinate during Purge season, and there will be consequences.

This is a theme that runs throughout the Purge films, with the individuals who plan ahead usually coming out on top — unless they’re a wealthy couple who raised a child with a conscience, as in the first film, where a tiny lapse caused a world of pain.

Utilize the buddy system.

The Purge is a horror film series about a terrifying notion. Going alone is risky in that situation. During Purge night, being alone at any time might mean a one-way trip to the local mortuary. You never know when a horde of dirt bikers, paramilitary goons, or the freaking KKK would appear around the corner, ready to annihilate the country’s inhabitants with overwhelming force.

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The only individual in The Purge’s cinematic history who makes the one-man-army path work for him is Dmitri from The First Purge, who spends the third act of his film going full Rambo on a housing tower full of well-armed intruders. But that is only after his whole squad is slain by a drone strike, and the only reason he enters the tower is to reconcile with and protect his remaining friends.

The Purge: Anarchy is primarily about the importance of camaraderie in the trenches, with protagonist Sergeant Barnes evolving from a vengeful lone wolf to a morally virtuous defender of the helpless. All of the other good guys in that movie would be doomed if it weren’t for their union with Leo, but they eventually save his soul as well. Even Dmitri and Leo, as capable as they are, couldn’t do it on their own – not year after year.

Put on your armor.

The Purge is a practically civil war for 12 hours, and it’s alarming how many individuals try to join in with no armor on their side.

Even mall security guards wear bulletproof vests to work, so why are so many Purgers dressed as though they’re going to a warehouse rave rather than an uncontrolled massacre? Are they attempting to assassinate someone? Because that’s what happens to the street-level bad guys in these Purge films. They’re shirtless one minute, living it up the next, as if life is just one huge tailgate, and then they’re dead. That is a bad Purge tactic. This is referred to as “poor chess.”

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