Which Booksmart Character Are You?

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Take this Which Booksmart Character Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.


ESFPs are characterized as “the life of the party” and “the entertainers.” Nobody knows how to host a party so that you may be “consensually bashed” like Jared. Jared was born to amuse others and keep them laughing, which he does so effortlessly. However, beneath that vibrant and humorous attitude is a person who simply wants to have a meaningful connection and make a difference in the world. This transformation includes his goal to write an original Broadway musical (and not one of those “lame remakes”).

Who wouldn’t want to get out with someone like Jared?

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Although Hope appears to be cold and confrontational at first, if you get beyond that ice exterior, you’ll find a kind and compassionate person behind. A person who will tolerate the fact that you puked all over them during a makeout session at a party. It takes a strong person to forgive something like that, so this Julia Roberts clone certainly has a lot more going for her than the frigid veneer she presents to the rest of the world. It’s uncertain whether Hope and Amy will continue their affair, especially since Amy will be gone for a year “handmaking tampons in Botswana,” but we’re hoping they get married one day. Also, you must try to play this Which Booksmart Character Are You quiz.

Which Booksmart Character Are You?


Someone should crown this woman as the queen of spontaneity. Also, please give her a crown simply for being the queen in general, since that is exactly what she is, and she is truly the human example of complete perfection. Her outlandish character and drive to explore everything life has to offer to make her appear to us to be a true ENFP.

You never know what you’re going to get with Gigi, and that’s part of the pleasure. Whether she’s eating exceptional strawberries or jumping into the sea from the top of a large boat, her outlandish behavior makes her incredibly amazing and ENFP-like. She’s more like a modern-day Mad Hatter dressed in early 2000s garb.


Who better to elevate all the theatrical drama to the utmost level of “extraness” than ESFJs? Alan and George are a fantastic combo, whether it’s due to their funny remarks or the murder mystery-themed parties they organize on a regular basis, “just because.” If anyone can provide dramatic entertainment, it’s ESFJs. “Mark thy calendars and make thy arrangements to attend the drama department’s summer program, Shakespeare in the Park…ing lot,” Alan quips.

About the quiz

AMY is an INTP.

Amy possesses all of the characteristics of an INTP. She’s enigmatic, devoted, and effortlessly clever. Although some may dismiss her as timid or meek (cough, Hope, cough), it turns out that despite her soft-spoken and quiet character, she is easily the most heroic person in the room. She wouldn’t have rescued the day by offering herself to the cops if she wasn’t. It takes work for most INTPs to let people into their worlds and open up, but once they do, you will realize how rich and distinct their thoughts truly are.


Molly is a prime example of an ESTJ. She’s astute, courageous, and demanding. Molly will go to any length to achieve her goals in life, even if it means risking her life in the process. Molly is the ultimate winner and go-getter, as seen by her listening to the ultimate ESTJ self-help tape in the first scene of Booksmart.

Self-help video: “Good day, winner. Take a long, deep breath. Visualize your accomplishment as a mountain, and look down at everyone who has ever questioned you. Fck those jerks. Fck them in their f*cking faces.”

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