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Take this Winx Club Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Fate: The Winx Saga, Netflix’s new live-action adaptation of the popular Winx Club animation, has launched its first season, leaving behind a flood of questions and theories. With only six episodes to establish up the world, characters, magic, and lore of Winx, Season 1 largely functioned as a prelude for what’s to come (if the series is renewed for another season). Nonetheless, the season’s conclusion managed to pack in some key plot twists and story discoveries to keep fans entertained as they wait for more.

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Despite being based on the Winx Club, Fate makes considerable alterations to the realm of Fairies and magical beings. The show takes place in the Otherworld, a magical dimension similar to Earth’s where fairies employ elemental magic to connect with nature. Bloom, a young fire fairy, and her pals learn magic and combat evil in Alfea, a Hogwarts-style school, in the novel. Also, you must try to play this Winx Club quiz.

Winx Club Quiz

The first season spends most of its time laying the backstory for Bloom, her companions, and the world around them. The six primary types of fairy magic (water, fire, air, earth, light, mind) are described, Alfea’s convoluted military history is revealed, some previously defeated enemies reappear, and each of the core protagonists deals with trauma, romance, and growing up. The season one finale, on the other hand, moves the tale forward significantly, changing the balance of the fairy realm and leaving some big mysteries unanswered.

Okay, so Rosalind was the headmistress of Alfea and the fairy strategist who led the previous generation in battle against the Burned Ones — Farah, Silva, Sky’s father, Terra’s father. She did, however, cross a line when she ordered her forces to burn the town of Aster Dale. Farah and Silva were repulsed by the prospect of murdering innocent peasants in order to hunt down and slay Burned Ones lurking in the town. They eventually revolted against Rosalind, not that she had kidnapped two newborns from Aster Dale prior to the blast. Bloom and Beatrix were the names of these infants.

Rosalind left Bloom in the care of a California couple who were about to lose their real baby, providing the powerful fire fairy with a safe haven to grow up in. Rosalind was banking on Bloom’s abilities surfacing at Alfea, and she even arranged for her cronies to unleash Burned Ones just to put Bloom’s abilities to the test. Bloom’s old magic attracts the Burned Ones — she has wings! — and Bloom is able to remove the ancient curse that transformed the Burned Ones into, uh, Burned Ones in the first place.

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However, this is where things become quite difficult. Rosalind intends to utilize Bloom as a weapon against an even more sinister foe on the horizon. One that not even Farah is aware of. Not only that, but the situation in Aster Dale was far more convoluted than anyone had anticipated. The residents in the town, it turned out, were not innocents, but Blood Witches. Humans who wished to steal the fairies’ magic. They had previously grabbed Bloom because they knew she was exceptional.

Obviously, this revelation shocks Farah and Silva, who thought they were being asked to execute a war crime, and complicates matters for Silva, who was also duped by Team Rosalind…

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