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The history of philosophy provides us with numerous accounts of a real self, each of which connects it to the essence of what a person is, the concept of conscience, and the ideal human being. Some proponents of the genuine self can be found in psychology, but its existence is widely denied. However, numerous psychological investigations have revealed that most people believe in the existence of a true self. Although folk psychology frequently contains a belief in a true self, psychological science disputes its existence. Here, we analyze Strohminger et alargument, ‘s which claims that the true self is (1) profoundly subjective and (2) not observable, and so cannot be studied scientifically (Strohminger et al., 2017).

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Closer examination reveals that the claim that the self is radically subjective is unconvincing. Moreover, rather than assuming that the true self cannot be examined scientifically, we ask: What would science have to look like in order to research the true self? To answer this question, we explain the conceptual nature of the true self, which includes phenomenological, narrative, and psychological characteristics. These elements, taken together, propose a technique for investigating this notion in the first person. Overall, we offer an integrative strategy for discovering and studying one’s inner self. Also, you must try to play this What Is My True Self quiz.

What Is My True Self Quiz

The difficulty is to know what is your genuine self and what isn’t. Things would be much easier if we had a switch that could turn off the everyday self and turn on the actual self. However, human nature is divided. There are times when you feel safe, accepted, at ease, and certain. You are feeling your genuine self at those times. At times, you experience the polar opposite, and you are enslaved by your everyday self or ego-self. The problem is that both views are persuasive. When you are overcome by stress, crisis, doubts, and uncertainty, your genuine self may as well not exist. You are perceiving a different reality that is colored by your mental state.

Try to acquire some outside perspective on what is going on during those dark, difficult times. The traits of the everyday self and the true self are actually quite dissimilar:

  1. The authentic self is certain and unwavering in her beliefs. The everyday self is influenced by a plethora of outside factors, which leads to confusion.
  2. The genuine self is consistent. The everyday self is continuously shifting.
  3. The authentic self is motivated by a strong sense of truth. The ego, the never-ending desires of “I, me, mine,” drives the everyday self.
  4. The actual self is content. The ordinary self is easily upset and disturbed.
  5. Love is the genuine self. In the absence of love, the everyday self seeks it from outside sources.

About the quiz

Consider the traits of the genuine self: self-sufficiency, evolution, love, creativity, knowledge, acceptance, and peace. When somebody is in a crisis, whether it is a troubled marriage, challenges at work, or a financial crisis, they will make the best judgments if they use these skills.

Unfortunately, we are more prone to be motivated by selfishness, panic, uncertainty, impulsiveness, survival instincts, and other ego-self characteristics. That’s how society instilled in us. We value ourselves based on our accomplishments and possessions. Money and status nourish the ego, and society rewards those who play the game of acquiring and spending with skill and determination.

But consider the poor decisions made by millions of people. They pick material rewards in the expectation that money would purchase happiness, or at the very least all the nice trappings of a happy existence. They pursue occupations that provide success but provide little inner fulfillment. Isn’t it more logical to have the true self as the foundation for all decisions? The inner self understands what you truly desire and require in order to be joyful. It provides a much stronger, more expansive foundation for your existence than the ego-self, which is based on fear and uncertainty.

Your life will begin to change once you begin to identify and nurture the attributes of your genuine self. You’ll make better decisions. You’ll become more aware. You’ll uncover and support your calling. You’ll push yourself to achieve new goals.

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