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Take this Winter Pub Quiz to find out how many questions can you answer. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate quiz.

A GROWN MAN shrieked and sprang to his feet. Sean Crowley had just revealed that Snooki, one of MTV’s “Jersey Shore perfectly “‘s tanned stars, would not be descending to earth in a translucent ball in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. (The event has been relocated to New Jersey.) This signified that the response to a question presented by Mr. Crowley was incorrect. The man’s countrymen whooped and strutted, while the rest of the room shrugged. So it is with the glories and sorrows of pub trivia, a difficult emotional trip for even the most seasoned of us.

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Mr. Crowley, 30, runs a weekly quiz at Rocky Sullivan’s in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Despite the massive snowbanks that still clogged much of Van Dyke Street on a recent Thursday night, the gathering was large. Bar trivia, or pub quiz, to use the British term, is not a new activity, but it’s a particularly active weeknight release in Brooklyn. The fact that the borough’s newer, younger residents regard themselves as repositories of pop culture ephemera for example, which member of New Kids on the Block was born on December 31? has only boosted the scene. Also, you must try to play this Winter Pub Quiz.

Winter Pub Quiz

Pub quizzes differ by location, but the majority are free and consist of five to eight rounds of a dozen questions each; answer sheets are handed and assessed by a quizmaster. The use of smartphones is restricted, but that adds to the excitement. In an age where constant access to the Internet and its avalanche of searchable information is expected, working our memory muscles can be exhilarating.

The same players are frequently seen competing throughout the neighborhood, with groups of friends creating consistent squads. However, arriving as a pack isn’t required; teams can form on their own. Patrick Combs, 28, estimates that he goes to one pub quiz a week (he frequents Rocky Sullivan’s) and that he plays with a new group each time. “There are a lot of young professionals in Brooklyn, and they are the major individuals you see at a trivia night: people with a lot of knowledge but still like to go out and drink,” he laughed.

About the quiz

Participants arrive early to secure a table at the monthly pub quiz at Bar Great Harry in Carroll Gardens. (A team of one to five people is permitted.) By 8 p.m. on a recent Monday, the room was packed with dogs (mascots are welcome), open containers of takeaway food, and aspirants scheming over pints of beer. The 12 teams competed for glory and bar tabs: $10 for third place, $20 for second place, and $50 for the winner, in addition to one month’s bragging rights and temporary ownership of the trivia trophy, a reused whiskey bottle studded with stickers, paint, miniature toys, and other insignia. The victor of the Super Solo Round gets presented with a can of PBR and a roll of toilet paper at Bar Great Harry. (Really, it’s all about the glory.)

Pascal Balthrop, 40, prepared the questions, which encompassed the arcane (What is the official name of the McDonald’s training center in Oak Brook, Ill.?) to the practical (How widely apart are wall studs in current North American homes?). The majority of rounds are general knowledge, but some are themed, which can be devastating. After an awful streak of “Star Wars” stumpers, a team of, say, a reporter and a doctor could have fallen from a respectable third position to dead last. (What are Luke Skywalker’s adoptive parents’ first names?)

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