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Finding out what a guy wants is one of the most difficult aspects of dating.

Will he ever make a move, and does he have feelings for you? And that’s how you wind up seeking for clues that he’s about to ask you out, isn’t it?

Apart from being flirtatious and frequently texting, there are numerous other clear signals he’s getting ready to make the first move, and we’ll discuss the most obvious and significant ones today!

Paying attention to his body language, actions, and words is the simplest method to determine whether a guy wants to be more than just a buddy (and more than simply a hookup or a booty call).

If a guy acts in the following ways, it’s a sure sign he’s getting ready to ask you out:

He’s interested in your timetable and schedule.

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Does he text you or ask you in person about your weekend plans or your schedule in general? If you answered yes, you know he’s doing it for a reason! Also, you must try to play this Who Will Ask Me Out Quiz.

I mean, no one is interested in someone else’s time unless they have anything specific in mind (wow, it almost rhymes).

Who Will Ask Me Out Quiz

So, if a guy expresses an interest in your activities or how you spend your free time, it’s a good clue that he’s scouting out the best moment to ask you out.

The problem is that males dislike being rejected (I mean, no one does)

That’s why asking you about your schedule and time initially can help him determine whether you’re a very busy woman or whether you’re flexible.

He wishes to learn more about you.

There are two methods to discern if a guy is interested in learning more about you: virtual and face-to-face interactions.

Does he continue to like photographs on social media that you put a long time ago (and had completely forgotten about)?

Does he inquire about your childhood, habits, employment, and friends? And does he ask you a lot of sub-questions?

If you said yes, you know he likes you A LOT and is genuinely interested in you! His desire to learn more about you is unquestionably one of the most telling indicators that he is planning to ask you out.

He maintains extended eye contact.

They say that our eyes are the windows to our soul, and I couldn’t agree with them more. Prolonged eye contact has always been one of the first signs of affection!

The best part is that no matter how hard you try, you can’t disguise it. If he maintains prolonged eye contact, he is doing so subconsciously, which means he isn’t aware of it.

About him

He’s doing it because your appearance and charm have captivated both his body and mind.

He’s attempting to connect with the essence of your being — the real you – by looking deeply into your eyes.

He compliments your personality.

My close friends and I have had numerous men tell us that we are hot, attractive, and so forth. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but it is somewhat limiting.

Guys, as we all know, are visual beings, which is why they spend the majority of their time glancing at gorgeous women.

Thinking about them (if you catch my drift) and complimenting them in the hopes of receiving nice feedback.

When a guy just compliments your looks, it usually signifies he’s only interested in one thing – jumping into your trousers!

However, when a guy complements you on your personality, it indicates that he is genuinely interested in getting to know you better.

It suggests he wants to ask you out and date you, not just meet you when it’s convenient.

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