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Take this Dynasty Tv Series Quiz to find out which character are you. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

“Dynasty,” a reboot of Esther Shapiro and Richard Shapiro’s legendary 1981-1989 series, follows two of America’s wealthiest families, the Carringtons and the Colbys, as they struggle for control of their fortune and their children.

Fallon Carrington is charismatic, intelligent, and prepared to take over as CEO of her father’s worldwide oil corporation – or so she believes. When Fallon’s father, Blake Carrington, calls her and her brother, Steven, to their home in Atlanta, she is shocked to hear that the reunion isn’t to announce her promotion, but rather to meet their stepmother-to-be, Cristal. Family dynasties are passed down through blood, and Fallon would rather draw blood than refer to Cristal as “Mom.”

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Following the dramatic finale and catastrophic fire of the first season, the resilient Carringtons will rise from the ashes to redefine themselves following a tremendous personal loss as well as the selling of their family’s enterprise. Determined to be the savior of their business, the cunning and charismatic Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) will try to relaunch her family’s dynasty, but a twenty-five-year-old in control of liquid billions might be a disastrous mix. Almost as bad as Fallon’s romances… She falls in love with a man whose family is wealthier and crazier than her own, and who Blake (Grant Show) does not approve of. Alexis (Nicollette Sheridan), on the other hand, will find new ways to intervene in her daughter’s life as only a mother can.

Dynasty Tv Series Quiz

Meanwhile, the rivalry between the Colbys and Carringtons heats up, and the families compete in Atlanta’s most outrageous pissing contest, causing new Colbys to emerge, including Blake’s stepsister, the iconic Dominique Deveraux, and the arrival of Anders’ (Alan Dale) daughter threatens to shake things up when she unpacks her trunk-load of Carrington family secrets. Also, you must try to play this Dynasty Tv Series Quiz.

Despite all of these problematic relationships, and even more surprise visitors set to appear in Season Two, the Carringtons will once again demonstrate that blood is thicker than oil, and that nothing compares to the diamond-encrusted bonds that bind.

Sammy Jo Gets Married to a Stranger

Fallon, Kirby, Sam, Cristal, and Allison headed to New Orleans for Fallon’s bachelorette celebration in the Season 3 finale, titled “My Hangover’s Arrived.” Unfortunately, they were drugged by a bartender and awoke with no recollection of the previous night.

Sammy Jo had married a male dancer named Ryan alias Scorpio that night. When Ryan informed him that they were married in an all-knight chapel, Sammy responded with a wonderful one-liner: “That’s incredible. Sober me is speechless because I’m blacked out.”

Michael Advances From Chauffeur to Business tycoon

The writers must have become bored of portraying such a bright man like Michael as little more than a chauffeur. When Michael finished college with outstanding grades but was unable to find a solid career, he chose to accept the offer to become Blakes’ personal driver. He wasn’t going to stay that way for long.

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During the investigation, Blake temporarily transferred his stakes in the soccer team The Atlantic to Fallon. When Fallon learned of her father’s plans, she refused to transfer the shares back to him and instead gave them to Michael. As a result, the former chauffeur became instantaneously wealthy.

Fallon was to blame for the death of a childhood friend.

New details emerged after remains were recovered from the Carrington Estate’s lake. It was then revealed that Fallon’s high school classmate had never actually vanished. She tripped and fell from the balcony during one of their teen fights. Before the incident, the two had been drinking.

Anders and Blake attempted to conceal the tragedy by burying Trixie’s body in Carrington Lake. Fallon told the investigators that Trixie indicated she was going for a stroll but never returned. The body was discovered only after Adam Carrington hired divers to look for Fallon’s engagement ring.

Blake Didn’t Have A Relationship With Dominique

Jeff’s father, Cecil Colby, despised Blake because he suspected Blake of having an affair with his wife, Dominique Deveraux. He even attempted to murder Blake, and in order to protect himself, Blake paid a judge to imprison Cecil for years.

As a result, Jeff’s father spent over a decade in prison. However, it was revealed in the episode “Our Turn Now” that Cecil’s rage was misplaced. Blake, it appears, never slept with Dominique. She was, in fact, his half-sister. Cecil had therefore squandered time and effort in tracking down an innocent man.

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