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Take this Locke And Key Tv Series Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

With Netflix’s Locke & Key, you can prepare for your next Halloween marathon. The show, based on Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodrguez’s Eisner Award-winning comic novel of the same name, has been renewed for a second season. And, unlike the titular Locke family, it doesn’t require a slew of keys to solving its riddles.

After several botched attempts, including a failed pilot, Netflix finally adapted Locke & Key and streamed it in 2020. Despite an inconsistent start, the show built up steam and ended with a twist that surprised everyone—including graphic novel readers. Even before Season 2’s ten episodes have aired, the show has already been renewed for a third season.

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Now that the series has returned for a new season, let’s take a look back at who the characters are and what we can expect in the future season. Also, you must try to play this Locke And Key Tv Series Quiz.

Locke And Key Tv Series Quiz

The Locke family is the main character of Locke & Key. Tyler Locke, the oldest Locke sibling, is played by Connor Jessup, who also plays Kinsey and Jackson. Robert Scott plays Bode, and Darby Stanchfield plays Nina, their mother. Gabe and Dodge will be played by Griffin Gluck and Laysla De Oliveira. Aaron Ashmore and Hallea Jones have been elevated to series regulars and will reprise their roles as Uncle Duncan Locke and Kinsey’s foe Eden, respectively.

Scot Cavendish, Zadie Wells, and Doug Brazelle, the Locke siblings’ friends, are played by Petrice Jones, Asha Bromfield, and Jesse Camacho in the supporting cast. Bill Heck will repeat his role as Rendell Locke, Coby Bird will resume his part as Rufus Whedon’s neighbor, and Thomas Mitchell Barnett will return as Sam Lesser.

Brendan Hines will appear as Josh Bennett, a new series regular, while Liyuo Abere will appear as Jamie Bennett, a guest star. Leishe Meyboom has been added to the cast, although nothing is known about her character Abby. Kevin Durand, as shown in the trailer, is also a new addition to the roster. In the 18th century plot, he is credited as playing a figure named Frederick Gideon, who appears to be a soldier.

As of now, Sherri Saum’s role as Ellie Whedon, Locke’s neighbor, and Rufus’ adoptive mother do not appear to be returning. The return of Genevieve Kang as Tyler’s girlfriend Jackie Veda also seemed doubtful.

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Sam Lesser broke into the Locke family’s house in Seattle and murdered patriarch Rendell. His wife Nina, who had struggled with alcoholism, recovered after being shot in the leg, but Tyler witnessed his father’s death in front of him, while his sister Kinsey and younger brother Bode hid from Sam.

Nina, still in mourning, decided to relocate the family to Rendell’s ancestral house in the little town of Matheson. Duncan, Rendell’s brother, greeted the family but did not stay. The magnificence of Keyhouse temporarily distracted the youngsters from their trauma, but they had to deal with their loss during the first season. While Nina was renovating Keyhouse, she got close with Ellie Whedon, one of Rendell’s last surviving connections.

Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode, all three siblings, made friends in Matheson and discovered something strange about their new home along the road. Keyhouse is strewn with mystical keys, each having its own special ability. While the youngsters investigated the abilities of each key, they accidentally uncovered a tremendous threat to the world. Dodge, a demon from another realm, was accidentally awakened by Bode and began her own pursuit for the Keyhouse keys.

Dodge was on the hunt for the Omega Key, which would open the entrance to the realm from which she had come. Because she couldn’t find it on her own, she duped Sam Lesser into assisting her. He assassinated Rendell at her behest. Lesser’s attempts were futile. Instead, he became stuck on the Keyhouse grounds as a ghost.

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