What Kind Of Werewolf Am I Quiz


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This is meant to be a quick primer on the werewolf hierarchy to help readers appreciate paranormal romance.
Werewolves and shapeshifters have dominated stories for ages, but nowhere are they more common than in contemporary erotica and horror, as well as the genre that combines the two: paranormal romance.

It should be noted that a werewolf can only transform into a wolf. A shapeshifter can take on multiple alter-forms.
There are several terminologies used in paranormal romance, such as alpha, beta, luna, and so on. This article will serve as a resource to assist you to decode each character as you read.

The following are the most prevalent sorts of werewolves found in the hierarchy (not all, just the most common).

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The Alpha is the wolfpack’s leader. They are the paranormal genre’s leader, the strongest, the most dominant, and, in my opinion, the most written about. The Alpha rank is the highest in the system. They are comparable to the king or emperor. Also, you must try to play this What Kind Of Werewolf Am I Quiz.

What Kind Of Werewolf Am I Quiz

The position of Alpha is not guaranteed. If the Alpha is perceived to be weak or frail, they may be challenged by another member of the pack and may lose their status as Alpha.

Again, the Alpha, like kings and other monastic rulers, passes down their title to their oldest kid. Unless the Alpha is killed in combat. If the Alpha is killed in battle, the assassin takes over as the new Alpha. Bro, eat or be eaten.
If the Alpha’s oldest child is too young, stupid, or otherwise weak, the status of Alpha will be passed on to the Beta wolf.

BETA: The Beta is equivalent to the Vice President. They are number two in every manner. They are the second most powerful. The second most powerful. The second most effective leader. They are, in essence, second. Betas, like Alphas, are often born rather than created. However, just like the US President and Vice President. Almost every Alpha chooses a Beta.

Betas are seen as trustworthy and loyal to the Alpha and will take up the Alpha’s responsibilities if necessary.

GAMMA: Gamma is the third letter in the alphabet. While the Alpha and Beta are the executive branches, the Gamma is concerned with fighting and defense. If both the Alpha and the Beta are incapable, dead, or disabled, the Gamma will lead the pack.

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Gammas are in charge of commanding the wolfpack’s conflicts, fights, and militia, which makes them fairly badass in my opinion, and I’m not sure why they don’t get more attention, but I digress.

Gammas will train the wolfpack members in battle and safeguard the pack’s defense. A Gamma is analogous to a lone wolf Department of Defense (again, I think they deserve way more attention).

Gammas are born into the role, but each Alpha, like the Betas, chooses their own Gamma.

The Alpha considers Gammas to be loyal and trustworthy, plus they are some pretty BAMFs. (At home, that’s Bad Ass Mother Fu*kers for you.)

LUNA: The Alpha’s feminine counterpart is the Luna. The Queen Consort. HBIC. FLOTUS. The Alpha’s love interest is Luna. Lunas perform a mother role in the pack and aid the Alpha in pack leadership.

The Alpha chooses Lunas, a recurrent theme here, and they can range from meek and bashful to loud and independent.

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what kind of werewolf am i quiz
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