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WandaVision was a great fan-theorizing exercise. A lot of fan theories are generated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But since each film comprises a single story, the theory about precise plot items is little time to go along with the movie. WandaVision was the first canonic MCU TV series that was released weekly over nine episodes and allowed viewers to question whether or not the X-Men were the hero or villain of the show in Wanda’s Hex.

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Wanda’s journey of loss and reconciliation concluded with the finale. For the first time, Wanda assumed Scarlet Witch’s mantle and was even stronger than before. They knew that the townspeople of Westview had to demolish the Hex and free it. And she whispered, “Vision, farewell to her one true love.” There are still many enduring questions, such as Monica Rambeau is now a super hero, and what happened to Wanda’s children or White Vision? If you examine the episodes, Marvel comic books and future film plans for Marvel Studios closely, you can provide us with some replies as to what happened precisely in this bending show.

Which WandaVision character are you

Both! A kind of. Wanda and Vision have always been emotionally linked (Elizabeth Olsen) because they were both interwoven with an Infinity Stone called the Mind Stone. The Stone is the Mind Stone. Literally, I wouldn’t take that. I assume she gave him some power of the Infinity Stone herself, practically briefly. She destructs Vision when Wanda destroys the hex. Also, you will find out which WandaVision character are you in this quiz.

There is hope, though, that Vision will continue to live. Acting SWORD director Hayward (Josh Stamberg) has devised White Vision as a super-weapon to kill Hex. However, White Vision had a philosophical discussion with Hex Vision when Wanda was fighting Agatha (Kathryn Hahn), in fact. They speak of the ancient problem of Theseus’ ship and conclude that what makes a person like vision seem like is the memories that vision carries in him.

But we learned something? Was all of this a memory of sitcoms and comic books? That’s to a certain degree, certainly. Too much, I would argue. It was certainly novel, but not almost as ambitious at its absolute level, in the context of the MCU. Meditations on sorrow were often quite poignant but fairly predictable (particularly in this episode). All this said the show had something to say and it’s quite relevant. It strikes me at the 35-minute mark of this series finale: this show was about what it means to be in love during the end of the world, purposefully or not.

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In a moment, we will return to everything. Let’s go straight now to the place we left: with a load of CGI mishegoss. Wand urges the boys to run back and forth. Agatha is again trying to make a magical explosion of Wanda, but she catches it and absorbs it. The elder witch crows: “I’m taking power out of the undeserved.

We’ve got a small wizard of Oz gag, Wanda throws a car on Agatha and launches her through the window, Aggie’s boots from below the wreckage. The evil witch is dead… or so it seemed. What WandaVision character are you?

Wanda and Vision, which she effectively rebuilt with her power fuelled by her sadness, is currently in the city of Westview, New Jersey.

We notice several references to comics throughout the show: Wanda’s children and Vision’s strong witch, Agatha, who shows herself as the true evil of this tale. Due to Wanda’s incapacity to handle, we were able to observe the genuine consequences of loss. Through her deeds, we also saw the doors open to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for many other characters.

Wanda is supposed to be featured in the next Marvel film titled Doctor Strange: Multiverses of Madness. Regardless of whether the MCU is heading, we will see many recognized new faces with more shows and films in the coming months and years.

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