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When TV author Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story anthology show hit the air, each season (presumably) shifted the paradigm of the story structure. Together with his co-creator, Brad Falchuk, Murphy has been producing, after all, for eight seasons, horrible and beautiful objects, often both at the same time. The American Horror Story continues to amaze audiences with its tremendous twists and turns that have had fans so long in their toes since all have cracked nails. From the first year of the murder house to the epic eight crossovers of the Apocalypse season.

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The AHS is a celebration for the eyes in many ways, with great performers like Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett in distinct and horrific roles per season. And with AHS content only increased in meaning at the end of Revelation and its time travel component that perhaps increased some earlier occurrences. Things can become quite confused if they try to understand the story of the show. But do not be fearful – or rather, fear greatly – for the whole American Horror Story timeline is about to be explained to us. Also, you will find out which American Horror Story character are you in this quiz.

Which American Horror Story character are you

We’ll learn in AHS: Murder House that famed Hollywood surgeon Dr. Charles Montgomery (Matt Ross) bought for his wife Nora (Lily Rabe) a beautiful Los Angeles Victorian estate while the famous money was flush. But their money quickly became angry when the mental disorder of Charles and Frankenstein’s complex obliged him to abortion in the basement to fulfill his goals. Charles and Nora’s son was assassinated in reprisal by one client’s husband and chopped into pieces. Charles and other people stitched the boy together to become the horrific Infanta.

Was this horrible string of acts the wickedness of the Montgomery House? Or the evil has always been there? But when Ben (Dylan McDermott), Vivien (Connie Britton) and Violet (Taissa Farmiga) Harmon move to the haunted manor house in 2011, hundreds of murders, suicides, and other suspected fatalities had occurred there. Just before the Harmons understand that the spirits of these people, especially their housekeepers Moira (Alexandra Breckenridge and Frances Conroy) who appear to Ben as a sexy young lady and Vivien as a sorrowful yet helpful older lady, are quite active inside the walls.

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Back, I can tell honestly that I was certainly disturbed by the first season of American Horror History. I’ll probably not have been wrecked as if I had lived in an elegant, modern house with colorful accented parts and tulips. Unfortunately, like Harmon’s Mansion, the site of the Murder House in Los Angeles. I live in a centennial creaky house full of drinks, antiques, and history. The more I looked at AHS, the greater my fear. When I was alone in the house towards the end of the season, I was wearing a few kitchen shears if the rubber man came out from the attic.

Okay, what fun? The anthology program of Ryan Murphy has the power to dig under your skin. It is difficult to follow the various phobias, neuroses, and horror stories every season, nine seasons.
As the show continues, the strands are braided together from each different season. For example, Twisty Freak’s Clown plays an important cultural function. Here are the things you have to keep track of in previous seasons. So that signals of a crossover can be seen. What American Horror Story character are you?

This is the pre-last episode of the American Horror Story: Revelation and we have so much to cover. We begin this episode with the lambasting humanity of Mutt and Jeff (Billy Eichner) (Evan Peters). He gets to the conclusion that everyone should die after waiting for his coffee for five (5) minutes. This is a small response to Coffee Bean’s lousy service but Mutt and Jeff are committing global genocide.

Sadly, Mutt and Jeff have more faith in the talents of the Antichrist than they have in the right barber.

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which american horror story character are you
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