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Fargo, a movie that doesn’t truly fit into a genre, is in the middle of emotional and budget action flicks. It’s a dark comedy based on real events, but not as humorous. Some sequences are funny, some parts aren’t (and shouldn’t be), and the film bounces back and forth. Fargo is undoubtedly strange, with a city of Nordic speakers and a narrative where nothing appears to go right (in the movie, I mean). Fargo is undeniably funny to those who put it all together, expressing its ignorance. I was lost sometimes, but I began to pick up what it was and really appreciate it around the middle of the day.

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The principal character, Marge Gunderson, was not even introduced until halfway through the 98-minute movie (though in real life she does not have the accent). She did a terrific job, though, and she lightened Fargo’s harsh edges. Yet to believe that, you must see it; Fargo can’t be described in words.

Which Fargo character are you

Has Fargo taken away the characters that had piled up the most bodies of the counts with Gaetano dead and Oraetta in handcuffs? That is, in historical terms. The trophy closet for Oraetta shows that she has been for a long, long time at this Angel of Mercy company. And while we haven’t seen Gaetano descend, all of his allusions to his time in Italy suggest that many of his opponents personally have experienced a dark, bloody past. These two have collectively assembled quite a number of bodies. Also, you will find out which Fargo character are you in this quiz.

Perhaps not. Not probably. In accordance with the opening sequence, Kansas City has a long way to go before it settles down even a little. Based on a montage of arms and terrifying titles of mob violence set for Koko Taylor’s “Insane Asylum.” The battle between the Faddas and the Cannons, even when a soldier disappears, is not the sort that will only go away with enthusiasm. The Smutnys can barely match the flood of Cannon family bodies in King of the Tears Mortuary. This development will re-emerge towards the end of the episode. The operations of the family company are fascinating.

It looks like mother and pop undertake most of the job. But do not do anything to protect Ethelrida from all the carnages and gore. Perhaps this helps Ethelrida to be older than her years and to talk to Loy Cannon about art and foreign languages for herself. What Fargo character are you?

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Marge Gunderson, like Travis Bickle, Tony Manero, HAL 9000. And Fred C Dubbs is one of the handfuls of characters whose names are still in our mind. It’s entirely, defiantly itself, films that depend on who they are precise. Marge is the Brainerd chief, Minn., still has morning illness, is eating all the junk food that she can get, talks in the “you betcha” Minnesota dialect that is volleyed like a chorus, as pronounced “yes.” She is a natural, brilliant policeman; then, on the crime scene, she reconstructs what has happened swiftly and correctly and determines that there have been two killers, one large, one small.

Her male colleague, not so quick, does not comprehend that “DLR”s” means a dealer plate. “I’m not sure I’m 100 percent in agreement with you in your police work there, Lou.”

“Fargo” (1996) was directed in the Scandinavian-American Upper Midwest where they grew up by Joel Coen, produced by Ethan Coen, co-written by their siblings It begins by saying “based on a true story,” and finishes by saying that its “persons and events” are fictitious. It’s fiction; the ironic stylistic device is “real story.”

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