Which Hunger Games Tribute Are You?

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Take this which Hunger Games tribute are you quiz to test which tribute are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Thresh is an intriguing tribute, somewhat of like a surprise tribute who surprises others when they understand how capable he is. Thresh is able to live on his own during the 74th Hunger Games. He does not form any alliances, yet he manages to hold out.

He killed Clove, and the other Careers avoided the area he was camping out in because they knew he was a menace. That’s saying a lot. Unfortunately, in the film, Thresh was killed by those mutation dog-things in the middle of the night. (It wasn’t actually night because the time of day is replicated in the arena, but you get the idea.)

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Finnick Odair is more than simply a lovely face with a pleasant grin. He’s got some insane trident abilities. (We realize it’s strange to consider a trident as a weapon, but Aquaman has shown us the light.) Put a trident in Finnick’s hand, and you have one of the most dangerous tributes in history. Finnick won the Hunger Games at the age of fourteen. As a result, he became the youngest tribute in Hunger Games history to ever win. Over the course of his life, he also became a Capitol darling, which is a strategy of survival in the Games.

Which Hunger Games tribute are you?

Cato, the District 2 tribute from the first Hunger Games film, excelled at close combat. His preferred weapon was a sword, and he had a bad tendency of breaking people’s hands with his bare hands. Despite how simple Cato makes this technique appear, it requires a certain amount of strength to pull off. While he did not win the 74th Hunger Games, he finished in the top three. Furthermore, Cato, at least in the film, probably murdered the most tributes during his time in the arena. It’s not a really noteworthy achievement, but it’s still impressive. Also, you will find out which Hunger Games tribute are you in this quiz.

We are terrified only by the sight of Enobaria. If looks could kill, hers would undoubtedly do so. She doesn’t rely solely on her appearance. Enobaria became well-known in the Capitol for using her fangs to rip another tribute’s throat out. Enobaria was inspired to file her teeth into sharp points by the infamy of this lethal practice. She resembles a woman with a shark’s mouth. She is also one of the rare tributes who survive the full adventure towards the end of the franchise. Enobaria survived the Quarter Quell and the Districts’ revolt, becoming one of only a few survivors of the Hunger Games.

About the quiz

Johanna Mason’s wit more than compensates for her lack of strength. Johanna feigned to be weak during the 71st Hunger Games. She duped every tribute in the arena, and most likely the viewers, into believing she was not a threat. Johanna slaughtered all of the remaining tributes with her insanely useful and existent fighting talents when only a few were still alive. When Johanna was chosen as a tribute for the Quarter Quell, she had to rely on her wits and innate savagery to get through the ordeal. Despite her demeanor, she is not to be taken lightly.

We don’t get to watch Haymitch’s time in the arena, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Haymitch was unquestionably one of the most lethal tributes to ever win the Hunger Games. First and foremost, he took part in the Second Quarter Quell, which increased the quantity of tributes he had to deal with. Second, during the first half of the game, he was able to capture two Career tributes. Third, he used his wits and mastery of the arena’s mechanics to vanquish the last tribute remained in the arena with him.

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