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“The Boys” is always at a catastrophic edge like a kitten attached to the highest branch of a tall tree. The dark and savage Amazon series teeth between ferocious and overly indulgent cultural commentaries. So the risk of developing a show that depends on recognized clichés. As often as they count on tough guys to entertain. Although the first season will make you feel as sick as you want, the eight-episode adaptation of the comic book by Eric Kripke and Darick Robertson in Season 1 proves to be skillful enough to get this crowd.

First, there’s a lot known about “The Boys,” mostly deliberately. The superheroes of the show accomplish everything you could expect when introduced first. They save children, halt bank robbery, and get pictures with enthusiastic followers. But these heroes are nothing but heroic once out of public view.

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They often have secret clubs in which mobile bans enable them the ability to do whatever they want, involving an unbelievable, shrinking, a size-down, and long-jumping man in a female vagina, and quite common intercourse between rafters.

Which The Boys character are you

On this planet, it’s just like any other job to be a superhero. You have to obey a behavioral code on the clock. But the temptation to abuse gifts is too seductive, left to your own devices. Vought, a multi-billion dollar business, runs a heroic squadron and licenses its services to the top bidder cities as frequently as they sell their likes for merchandising transactions. This game is no longer a superhero. It’s a company, and the enterprise is thriving. Also, you will find out which They Boys character are you in this quiz.

We find that Billy Butcher’s wife Becca is alive at the last minutes of Stage 1 and that her mother is Homelander’s son. The actual goals of Homelander are not apparent. He can only show that to Butcher to ride on it, or perhaps he wants to see if superpowers can be handed down to the children of suppers. In any case, it is quite sadistic that he chose the ex-wife of his blood-rival for this. Nothing that poor youngster hopes for awful strikes.

Despite the eventual return of Queen Maeve to heroic form after saying these lines to Hughie and Starlight, they are evidence of a sentiment that has permeated The Boys throughout the second season: whatever we do, Nazis will always come back to power, companies are always going to destroy the world, and racism will never disappear. Well-known sound? The authors of The Boys attempted to create a period that would both narratively drive their characters and remark on the situation of the real world by 2020 with fear-making and radicalizing fringe groups, which are usually racists. Sometimes it functioned well, but it felt partially baked.

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Much is happening in The Boys, an Amazon Prime show based on the comic book series about super-heroes who are genuine, commit to huge companies governing the world, and essentially run amok, leaving behind the scenes lots of collateral harm.

And the extended final (67 minutes) combines even more strands, but it does not erase a few mistakes or the sensation that despite all the blood and guts, much has just been put together for the next season. What The Boys character are you?

Finally, the Big Bad was conquered this year. However, in the show epilog the legacy of poisonous politics remains, and the main stars are still drifting. Now that Billy Butcher is gone, his wife, Becca, is not focused, and Ryan Butcher is in government hands.

Grace Mallory is offering Billy a job that will certainly be important next year, but what will inspire Billy without Becca who fostered his revenge in the first season and ran his salvior facility in season two? In the meantime, Hughie would want to stand alone, but is again in the lion’s den to work for a congressional female, who secretly is a supe, even if her link to Starlight is somewhat uninteresting. Homelander finishes another season on his own, but at least the love of the people and the ability to masturbate emotionally in the lunar light in one area no one else can access.

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which the boys character are you
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