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Take this Which Spider-Man Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

If you play our Which Spider-Man Character Are You quiz, you can get Doctor Octopus, Norman Osborn, Spider-Man, Mary Jane, Aunt May, or others, depending on who is your personality closest to. Spider-Man quiz is a 30-question personality test that will match you with the character from the Spider-Man franchise, based on the personal traits and habits that you have. It is 100% accurate and you will get a perfect result.

The quiz though is safe to play, but this post contains spoilers from the new Spider-man movie No Way Home so beware before you proceed further.

If you want to watch Spider-Man to prepare for the quiz, you should first find some info on the websites on the internet and then proceed to the quiz.

Which Spider Man Character Are You? Spider Man Quiz

We’ve had three separate live-action renditions of everyone’s favorite wall-crawling, web-slinging superhero on the big screen in less than 20 years, not to mention countless animated appearances. Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, Andrew Garfield’s somber hero in The Amazing Spider-Man duology, and now Tom Holland’s Iron Man-worshipping Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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We don’t blame you if you’re having difficulties keeping track of what’s happened to the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Spider-Man. So, to assist, we’ll go over all of Tom Holland’s appearances in the MCU, step by step. By the end of this, you won’t have to question if this Spider-Man fought the Lizard or if it was someone else. From his humble beginnings as a friendly neighborhood hero to his adventures in space and with a wizard, here’s the complete Spider-Man MCU timeline explained. The new Spider-man: No Way Home is available to watch in cinemas, meanwhile you can try this quiz and find out which Spider-Man are you.

Which Spider-Man Are You?

Surprisingly, Captain America: Civil War is not Peter Parker’s first appearance in the MCU.

Instead, that honor goes to Iron Man 2, in which Tony Stark saves a little child during the film’s conclusion.

While Tony is flying in to stop Ivan Vanko from employing weaponized Hammer drones to attack the Stark Expo attendees, a small child dressed in an Iron Man mask lifts his toy gauntlet to block one of the drones. Iron Man swoops in, blasts the robot, and says to his tiny fan, “Nice work, child,” before flying off again. Fans theorized for years that the masked boy was a young Peter Parker, even before Marvel received permission from Sony to officially add Spider-Man to the MCU. After all, the Stark Expo is held in Queens, and Peter is a long-time scientific nerd who would not pass up the opportunity to attend such an event. You can watch Spider-Man: No Way Home Reddit later this year.

In 2017, Tom Holland told The Huffington Post that the anonymous boy is undoubtedly Peter Parker, according to him and MCU head honcho Kevin Feige. It was even “triple-confirmed” by the actor, so it’s almost as canonical as it gets. It’s no surprise that Peter Parker grows up to idolize Tony Stark in the modern-day MCU.

By the time Spider-Man: Homecoming arrived in theaters, audiences had already witnessed Peter’s Uncle Ben’s death on the big screen twice in two different franchises (three times if we count Spider-Man 3’s new perspective on the murder), so it’s no surprise that the filmmakers of Spider-Man: Homecoming chose to skip over that particular part of Spider-origin Man’s story. Having said that, there have been enough hints and references to indicate that the MCU version of Peter had an Uncle Ben who he lost at some point. Peter’s suitcase in Spider-Man: Far From Home appears to be secondhand and contains the initials “BFP.” Before Peter used it, the baggage very definitely belonged to one Benjamin Franklin Parker.

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An earlier draft of Spider-Man: Homecoming, according to writers Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, would have seen Aunt May directly mention her late husband. With all of this, we may date Uncle Ben’s death to roughly six months before the events of Captain America: Civil War, as Peter, tells Tony in the film that he’s had his powers for “six months.” “When you can do the things I can, but you don’t, and then the awful things happen, they happen because of you,” Peter says, implying that he blames himself for Uncle Ben’s strange death. To put it another way, enormous power comes with great responsibility.

Scott Lang’s titular little hero, Ant-Man, comes afoul of Sam Wilson, The Falcon while slipping into the Avengers’ headquarters in 2015’s Ant-Man. Naturally, this results in the two superheroes battling each other in classic Marvel fashion. Despite the fact that neither hero emerges as the clear victor, Scott obtains the item he seeks as well as something he did not expect: Sam Wilson’s admiration.

Scott’s pal Luis tells him at the end of the film that his cousin Ignacio met this “crazy fine writer girl” who actually knows Falcon. And, according to Luis’ summary of the conversation, Sam has been hunting for new heroes who have arrived on the scene in order to find Ant-Man. While seeking for one bug-themed superhero, he almost finds another when the crazy fine writer girl says, “We got a guy who jumps, a guy who swings, a guy who crawls up the walls.”

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