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Take this Lost In Space Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Following an alien species’ attack on Resolute, the Robinson family crashes lands in their Jupiter 2 spaceship on the frozen surface of an unknown planet. The Robinson family’s oldest daughter becomes stuck in the frigid water. The father, John, and son, Will, attempt to save Judy but are separated in the process. Will becomes entangled on a branch in a forest fire and is challenged by an extraterrestrial robot. Will decides to save the Robot as the fire closes in on them both, and the Robot saves Will in return. They return to the rest of the family together, and the Robot saves Judy as well.

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Meanwhile, a woman named June had managed to board the Resolute using her sister’s identity as Dr. Smith. She is apprehended and imprisoned on the starship but manages to flee during the attack with Don, a Resolute crew member. Both fall on the same planet as the Robinsons, and June (now known as Smith) is rescued by them and claims to be alone. Also, you must try to play this Lost In Space Quiz.

Lost In Space Quiz

They manage to pick up radio transmissions from the Resolute and other Jupiter ships. They discover that there are several other survivors on the planet, but they are all unable to leave because fuel-eating eels have drained their fuels.

Will is forced to dump the Robot in a cave after one of the survivors informs Judy that the Robot was responsible for the attack on the Resolute. As everyone wants to return to the Resolute, Smith refuses because she will be imprisoned once more. As a result, she thwarts the plot by deactivating camp fortifications, and indigenous creatures attack their ship.

Will shouts out for the Robot’s assistance amid the chaos, but he appears in the hostile mode that attacked the Resolute. The survivors are increasingly concerned that the Robot may turn hostile again, but the family tries to persuade them otherwise. However, later on, Smith manipulates a scenario and the Robot inadvertently injures John, forcing Will to order the Robot to jump off a cliff in order to get rid of him. Smith discovers the damaged Robot and revives him, and the Robot now swears devotion to her.

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Meanwhile, Maureen discovers that the planet will become uninhabitable shortly due to a neighboring black hole. When a fellow survivor called Victor realizes this, he devises a selfish scheme to use the remaining gasoline to save his family while leaving everyone else behind, but John is able to stop him.

Maureen and John then inform the remaining survivors of the threat on this planet, and they plan to depart together. Maureen discovers June’s true identity and imprisons her. When the Jupiter ship is forced to leave sooner than planned with Don and John piloting, Smith persuades Will to let her go, and she knocks out Maureen just as John needs Maureen to steer them. The Jupiter ship explodes at this point.

Smith, aka June, then kidnaps Maureen and offers to help her and the kids in exchange for repairing the alien ship. Judy locates her mother, Maureen, and Smith, but realizes she can’t do anything because the Robot now listens to Smith.

The reason why the Robot didn’t have any bad intentions is revealed through flashbacks. It was just on a mission to retrieve the alien-owned engine from the Resolute.

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