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Take this Single All The Way Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Peter is a social media expert working in Los Angeles who has had little success with dating. Peter has spent every Christmas as a single man because no guy has been around for more than 2-3 months in his life. With a demanding career on top of everything else, the one thing Peter enjoys about Los Angeles is his best buddy and housemate Nick. While Peter has his prized houseplants, Nick, a children’s book author, has a sweet puppy named Emmett.

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After being friends in the city for nine years, the two host a pre-Christmas party every year to commemorate their friendship’s ninth anniversary. Peter brings a date named Tim this year, who appears to be a very busy cardiologist. However, while working as a Taskrabbit, Nick realizes that Tim has been cheating on Peter because he already has a wife. Devastated, Peter calls it quits with him. However, fearful of going to see his family for Christmas alone, Peter insists on Nick appearing to be his phony boyfriend in front of them. Also, you must try to play this Single All The Way Quiz.

Single All The Way Quiz

Despite his opposition, Nick agrees to the proposal. Nonetheless, before the two can begin their phony romance, Peter’s mother Carole (Christmas Carole, as she prefers) arranges a blind date for Peter. To his surprise, Nick also insists on going on this date and seeing this person!

Peter’s family is pretty hilarious, with his gorgeous parents, cheerful sisters with their husbands and children, and his eccentric Aunt Sandy, who has a not-so-successful acting career. Nick’s family welcomes him warmly because he was friends with Peter.

When Peter finally sees his blind date, James, he is surprised to discover that he is a handsome gym trainer. The two go on a date, and Peter has a fantastic time. However, when Nick spends time with Peter’s family, his father and nieces constantly insinuate that he and Peter should be a pair. Nick, on the other hand, insists that they are simply good friends and that all straight people believe that two gay best friends are inevitably a partnership. Despite his efforts to persuade them otherwise, Peter’s family is obstinate.

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James takes Peter skiing on their second date (after all, the sky is the limit!). To his amazement, Peter spends the entire date talking about his friend Nick (even more than his favorite plants). Peter decides to settle down in New Hampshire because he has tedious work in L.A. and a wonderful time in his hometown. Nick realizes that this means Peter will continue to date, James. Despite the fact that Nick recognizes he will miss his friend greatly, he agrees to whatever will make his friend happy.

During his vacation, Peter receives a call from his employer Lachlan requesting an urgent shoot. He is tasked with finding real-life people rather than influencers to advertise a shaving cream company. Peter’s father offers Nick as his model since he is worried about not being able to locate models during the holidays. The secondary motive, though, has been to persuade the two to spend time together, which has worked out! When James phones Peter for a date immediately following the shoot, Nick urges him to go.

But Peter’s family has other ideas. While Peter’s sister tries to ruin his date, Nick’s nieces get him to reveal his emotions for Peter. And he succeeds! Nick discovers he had been in love with Peter all along. But he was afraid to admit it in case the sentiments were not reciprocated.

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