Which Wings Of Fire Tribe Are You?


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Rainwings are the most superior tribe (tied with IceWings). They have magical death spit, prehensile tails for climbing, camouflage, and are extremely intelligent. There was once an awesome and feared tribe in all of Pyrrhia, but they got increasingly lax with time. Then Glory appears, wishing to enrage the RainWings and reclaim the stolen RainWings because Magnificent refuses to act. She ascends to the throne and whips the RainWings into shape, making them even more terrifying than they were before Magnificent. Queen Glory for all eternity.

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They are an incredible tribe! Underwater life must be amazing! Water is the most powerful element, followed by air. Water may be both peaceful and gentle, as well as furious and powerful when necessary. Air can be as soft as a gentle breeze or as strong as a wind blast that can knock you off your feet and take you away into the air. And they are extremely powerful when they work together. SeaWings lack fire, ice, and venom. Simply because they don’t require it. Instead, they have the following abilities: The tribes’ quickest swimmers (obviously), breathing underwater, and POWERFUL tails! Even their glowing scales! They’ve been characterized as stunning. Peril, who isn’t known for his appreciation of beauty (uh, sorry! thinking), thinks it’s lovely in a strange fishy manner. They have their own LANGUAGE that only SeaWings understand! SeaWings are, in my opinion, one of the best tribes, if not the best! SeaWings, go!

Which Wings Of Fire Tribe are you?

Sandwings are my favorite since they have those awesome scorpion tails that are both functional and unusual. This isn’t about all Sandwings, but Sunny in the fifth book, The Brightest Night, was particularly great. But my fave is Qibli; he’s the major reason I like Sandwings! And if you’ve read all the novels, you should understand why. Also, you will find out which Wings Of Fire Tribe are you in this quiz.

They’re pretty cool. They aren’t as overrated as Rainwings and aren’t as powerful. Yes, they have powerful talents because they live in harsh habitats, such as Icewings. With their sail and scale shapes, they seem really cool. Overall, a fantastic tribe.

This tribe is appealing for a number of reasons. They not only have incredible talents, such as the ability to tolerate heat, breathe fire, sting with a poisonous scorpion-like tail, and endure situations with no food or water for extended periods of time. Only Icewings and Rainwings have amazing skills. But Rainwings are slackers, and Icewings are overly rigorous and… well, cold and arrogant.

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Icicle, for example, is one of IceWings’ greatest warriors. She is strong and powerful, and she would make an excellent queen (way better than Snowfall or as I like to say Snowball). Tsunamis are terrible! I’m not sure why people like her. IceWings have the best tribe since everything is organized and intense. I mean, they start training as soon as they hatch from their eggs. Icicle, go! All of the other tribes stink (especially the SeaWings), with the exception of the SkyWings, who are awesome and blaze and burn, so bear with it.

They are unrivaled. I believe they are the most powerful since they are the only ones who have a chance of being born with special abilities (mind-reading and foresight). Because of DARKSTALKER, too. He literally possesses animus magic and excellent mind-reading abilities. They can also blend into the shadows and merge into the night sky. They can breathe fire, which distinguishes them from other dragons such as Seawings, leafwings, and Hivewings.

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which wings of fire tribe are you
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