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Take this which Fallout character are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

The Fallout series has been an iconic feature of the gaming world since the release of the first entry in 1997. The franchise, like Wasteland and the Mad Max series, is one of the first to come to mind when thinking about post-apocalyptic, a genre it has helped to define for the current period.

Despite setbacks such as legal action and a change of publishers, Fallout continues to produce unforgettable gameplay experiences. With an intricate history, a slew of well-developed factions, and a cast of engaging characters, the series immerses you in humanity’s struggle for existence.

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Fallout delves into a variety of ideas, many of which center on the intricacies of human nature. These ideas, combined with the game’s complex environment, can make the series tough to digest. As you explore deeper into the games’ strange reflection of reality, details fade and plot strands entwine.

Which Fallout character are you?

Fallout, as a post-apocalyptic series, throws a fresh spin on this well-known subject. Set in the 22nd century, the game combines futuristic technology breakthroughs with a 1950s style, echoing the United States’ nuclear dread following World War II. The basis of the atompunk genre, which has strong connections to steampunk, cyberpunk, and raygun gothic, is its retro-futuristic, alternate history plot. Also, you will find out which Fallout character are you in this quiz.

In the mid-1940s, Fallout’s alternate timeline diverges from real-world history. To counter the growing influence of Communism, the United States partitioned the country into 13 commonwealths. Technological developments such as robots and energy weapons occurred while supercomputers and tiny electronics development were disregarded.

The Railroad is one of Fallout 4’s primary factions with which players can side. Because they regard Synths as people, their primary goal is to save them. In the main tale, they stick to their morals, but they never break from them after this arc.

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When exploring the Commonwealth, players may come across soldiers from the Brotherhood of Steel or even Minutemen if enough villages are built. It’s not the railroad. Despite the hundreds of roving Synths in Fallout 4, one faction is content to remain underground. There are chance encounters with Synths that gamers will come across, but the Railroad is nowhere to be seen. The Railroad never saves Gen 3 Synths in the main plot either.

Perhaps forgetfulness is a side effect of being frozen for over 200 years, but the introduction of Fallout 4 makes it obvious that you are unfrozen and then refrozen when Shaun is stolen.

You see it right in front of the character’s eyes, yet he or she never acknowledges it. The protagonist wanders about the wasteland, asking people if they’ve seen a young child, most likely believing that a few years have gone by. When Fallout 4’s major plot twist reveals that Shaun is over 60 and the leader of the Institute, your character is forced to reject it. It’s not a stretch to imagine Shaun is considerably older after being refrozen, but it never occurs to your character.

One of Fallout 4’s best moments is delving into Kellogg’s thoughts to learn the Institute’s mode of transportation. Having said that, the number of plot flaws in this part is startling.

Kellogg’s boss is a big story hole. Throughout his memories of arresting Shaun, he refers to “the old man,” but who is this elderly man? The Institute makes no mention of this man once he has passed away. Shaun is the only other figure that is referred to as an “old guy,” but he is still a baby when Kellogg picks him up. It would make sense if this was just another leader, however, based on Institute speech and terminal records, the leader at the time is heavily indicated to be female. Is there a time paradox in this story?

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which fallout character are you
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