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Take this which Outlander character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

He’s being kept in Wentworth Prison by—who else?—Jonathan Randall. Claire slips in and discovers Jamie—broken, bloodied, and broken hand—in an awful shape, but she can’t get him out before Randall appears. Jamie agrees to let Randall rape him in order to save Claire. She killed one, and a man named Macrannoch kills the remainder of the pack and gave him sanctuary in his cabin. Claire’s shell, she is almost deceived by wolves.

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Friend of the Frasers, MacRannoch assists Jamie to save her. After the jailbreak, Randall is assumed dead. Claire returns to her health and then goes to an abbey with him in France to continue her treatment.

Which Outlander character are you

Jamie is so sick there that priests carry out their final rites. Randall’s rape also damages him so much that he doesn’t want to have sex with Claire. So Claire talks to Brother Anselm, who urges her to sit in a presbytery and to allow a response. This will just not happen. Also, you will find out which Outlander character are you in this quiz.

Here is the answer: make Jamie so upset that he is attacking her and have a relationship with her, imitate Jonathan Randall. Well, that is dark. Well, it is dark. They do it, they do it, and the whole thing works, and on the next day Jamie magically improves. They go down below the abbey later to the hot springs. Claire tells Jamie that she’s pregnant to complete this symbolism. The finish.

It’s not like Jamie isn’t trying his utmost to get another result. Jamie attempts to explain that the Regulators are mainly farmers with knives and pitchforks when the governor and the King’s Army roll with a legitimate cannon and a boatload of artillery. It wasn’t able to care less for Tryon. Jamie attempts to get Tryon to take it into account when the regulators send a petition that might lead you to a truce, but Tryon’s the same as LOL, it’s so sweet but not in hells. On his goddamned 50th birthday, you would think at least that people would humor Jamie, but no. He’s always reminded from satisfied birthday sex that he is likely to be responsible for the death of his godfather.

Even you guys don’t have cake. It’s an awful birthday!

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Jamie not only has to cope with the troops of Tryon who are unhappy to have some Scots killed, but also with conflict within his own militias, because Jamie cannot have enough issues at any time. He distributes tissue pins to men, so they’re not confused with regulators on the battlefield and tries to teach the young Findlay lads that you cannot wave in war, who should walk in other than Isiah Morton.

To stand up and fight with your men is good and good, but Jamie and Claire have sacrificed their lives in order to allow Alicia Brown to escape with his love of life in Brown Town during their stay. Not happy with the Browns joining the militia. As though on his plate Jamie hadn’t enough! What Outlander character are you?

Jamie is dealing with all that tension by swimming in a river and then opening her hand and using blood to appeal for the leadership of his uncle, warlord Dougal MacKenzie, his murder victim. They are known as self-care, men. Look up.

As Jamie is more and more tormented by thinking that it would be a battle against the regulators, there is a last glance of optimism that this struggle will halt, even before it begins.

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which outlander character are you
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