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Take this which Free character are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Iwatobi Swim Club in the rest of the world. It is based on the light novel High Speed!

The series follows Haru, Makoto, Nagisa, and newcomer Rei as they prepare for a swimming tournament.

The tale itself isn’t really original. High school sports teams compete in tournaments, but Free has a much more slice-of-life vibe than typical sports anime, trading in high adrenaline sports sequences prevalent in programs like Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket for much more intimate character interactions between the members of the Iwatobi swim team.

In addition to swimming, the film spends a great deal of time exploring the personal motives of Haru, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, and Rin.

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Anime is clearly aimed towards a female audience, as evidenced by the way the show is designed. That said, it’s also targeted towards younger males who are interested in sports, notably swimming. Teamwork and friendships are prominent elements in this series. It’s either Haruka swims FOR FREE or she doesn’t want to swim at all! Because he dislikes the structure and restrictions of other kinds of swimming, he exclusively competes in the 100-meter freestyle.

He eats mackerel every day. Makoto is the group’s sane, pleasant person. It’s a backstroke he competes in. Nagisa, the group’s hyperactive and outgoing member, completes the picture. The breaststroke is his event.

Which Free character are you?

Before Haruka departed for Australia, Haruka and Rin were rivals, but after the latter beat Rin in a race, Rin quit swimming and Haruka followed suit. Because Rin attends a different high school, the team re-forms and trains to qualify for nationals with a new team member Rei. As a result of beating Haruka at the old school pool, Rin resolves to take up swimming again. As a result of the team’s past relationship with Rin, Rin and Haruka find themselves in a predicament. Also, you will find out which Free character are you in this quiz.

A good pace is maintained throughout the series, and the plot is compelling. A little more focus on some of the swimming competitions would have been nice, as it wasn’t during the first season.

Will the guys of the Iwatobi Swim Club be able to take flight with their Olympic ambitions in the water? The final scene of the Final Stroke movie may complete the whole plot.

Although Haruka has finished his high school career, he has not yet chosen what he will do after he graduates. Sosuke arrives at Samezuka Academy and becomes Rin’s new classmate. Rin is hoping to participate in competitive swimming, but Sosuke has damaged his shoulder from overexertion. As a result, Haruka becomes bewildered and overwhelmed under the weight of the scouts’ expectations, and has a hard time thinking about what to do next.

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Towards the end of the movie, Makoto tells Ryō that he is moving to Tokyo to attend university. In order to protect others, Haruka avoids any form of social interaction. To get over his fear of swimming, however, he depends on the support of his friends and his journey to Sydney, Australia, where he spends time at the International Aquatic Centre, where he resumes his swimming career.

Free! Dive to the Future depicts Haruka as having recently graduated from Hidaka University, and with the exception of Ikuya, he reconnects with his old junior high school pals, with the exception of Ikuya, who still harbors feelings of bitterness toward their previous swim team. Haruka goes back to training in freestyle so she may make up with Ikuya, but in order to keep up with Ikuya, she is now practicing in the additional strokes as well. Finally, they go head-to-head in an Individual Medley, with Haruka having to contend with him. Even if they patch things up, Haruka learns that he will be competing against swimmers at his and higher levels. Despite this, he has made a commitment to continuing to compete on the global level as a swimmer.

As well as being Haruka’s competitor, Rin was also one of his teammates while they were in elementary school. A change in his personality after losing a race to Haruka in their first year of middle school separates him from his previous teammates.

His compassion for them, and in particular for Haruka, persists, despite his self-proclaimed competition with the members of the Iwatobi Swim Club.

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