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Take this which Mad Men character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

The seventh season of Flash is well underway and it was a season of shocks till now. Not only was Eva McCulloch/Mirror Monarch (Efrat Dor) beaten with compassion and little strength in the end, but Team Flash had to deal with some big farewells and unanticipated hellos. The team lost Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) in just the four episodes up until now, met with the original Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh, too) and gave it a farewell, and a Killer Frozen (Danielle Panabaker), who had somehow left Caitlin Snow, was introduced to last week’s final minutes of the Central City Strict (also Danielle Panabaker).

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Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser), an ambitious young account executive, and Joan Holloway, an effortlessly smart head secretary (Christina Hendricks). While the show developed many of its storylines based on the office’s colorful dynamics, it also concentrated on Don’s wife Betty (January Jones), who was shallow to the ideals of the suburban wife of the mid-century.

Which Mad Men character are you

As the series progressed, she skilfully probed the complexity of her personal and professional characters. Although Don’s life is often seen with envy or adoration, he is unhappy with his marriage (often straying) and is plagued by a secret of his past early on. (The revelation that a fellow soldier in the Korean War was abducted by Don’s fellow soldier was one of the main elements of the play.) But for many fans, Mad Men’s historical background was the most captivating component.

At 9 pm millions of Americans congregate in smoke-filled living rooms around their cathode-ray tube televisions to watch Mad Men’s Season 5, AMC’s spectacular advertising drama in the 1960s. What are you saying? You did not see a single episode, but did it truly mean? Do not fear, since the first four seasons have been condensed into one concise, an overview of Cliff’s Notes-caliber. You’re waiting for now? It’s the clock! Also, you will find out which Mad Men character are you in this quiz.

Manhattan 1960. 1960. Don Draper’s greatest account is Lucky Strike cigarettes, the creative director of a Sterling Cooper ad agency. He has a wife, Betty, but gets on Midge’s side at home in the suburbs.

Betty raises her two children, Sally and Bobby uncompromisingly. Peggy is a new secretary at work who shows Joan’s cords, who’s running a curvaceous firecracker. Don has a business with Rachel, the heiress of a Jewish department shop. Pete ends up on his office couch sleeping with Peggy. The young executions of Ken, Paul, and Harry are horrible for women. Sal is a close-up homosexual man, the art director.

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Peggy is showing when she calls Kleenex a “basket of kisses” with a lipstick-smeared kit. Freddy, a drinking problem old-school reporter, put her on the bill. The two partners of the company, Bert and Roger, would like to lend assistance to Nixon’s campaign. Don is a partner for Bert. Don brings up accounts in Duck. Pete compares Don with his secret past: In fact, he’s Dick Whitman, and phony Don has changed tags to Korea to escape the war with real Don’s burnt remains. Bert doesn’t care. Bert doesn’t care. What Mad Men character are you?

They are Secretaries who know that we’re clever when we meet Peggy Olson and Joan Holloway, but they also stare at a continuous series of grumbling friendly supervisors and attempt to be realistic about their possibilities of success beyond their allocated desks. Betty Draper is only a blow to the radar, but it only appears as a twist to Don’s suburban life in the last minutes of the show. And when Peggy’s tale in the season becomes a clear comparison with Don’s, revealing insight into publicity, Joan should never be the powerhouse she was the only one.

Indeed, Joan’s original function, according to creator Matthew Weiner, was only to be a “courtesan” who teaches people the workplace.

For as Mad Men was concerned with the cyclical disappointments of little men, it equally concerned women’s determination and ingenuity. Just as Mad Men recognized that Don Draper would never change, he found that his wives – in particular Peggy and Joan – were destined for the kind of adventures he could never make.

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which mad men character are you
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