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Take this which Trailer Park Boy character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

If in Shakespeare’s day trailer parks existed, you think he would play a game or two. Everyone knows where shit goes down the trailer park. The task was instead to create an unintended, profound comedy of the 21st century, a lo-fi, mockumentary-like style saga about dope, guns, and power struggles with marine accents, for a group of Canadian misfits, Mike Clattenburg and his stars, John Paul Tremblay (Julian), Robb Wells (Ricky) and Mike Smith (Bubbles).

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“It’s like COPS, but from the perspective of the criminals,” Ricky explains, describing in the pilot, after his return to Sunnyvale Trailer Park and Julian, the documentary team after an 18-month sentence in jail, in the pilot episode. However, he also explains Trailer Park Boys to the previously uninformed television public, whose awareness of the mockumentation format was so novel – particularly in the USA. Interest broke in the following decade: Trailer Park Boys will be televised throughout the world and offer live arena tour shows from London, Ontario to London, UK, for a two-season arc at Netflix.

Which Trailer Park Boy character are you

So how is one of the biggest, best-loved comedies in the world a show about a group of small crooks who never left the trailer park and filmed at it with a deliberate awful aesthetic and made with a little budget? Also, you will find out which Trailer Park Boy character are you in this quiz.

Last month, Netflix announced a return to the streaming network for the 8th and 9th seasons following seven years break from the Canadian comedy series Trailer Park Boys. While this show has been a hit in Canada. But that might change as new seasons arrive and Netflix Instant is available for seasons 1-7 from yesterday. Whether you don’t know the series or a longtime TPB fan, here’s a short guide to the misfitting Canadian world of Sunnyvale’s ex-cons, pot producers, and feline loved ones, by Mike Clattenburg.

And Bubbles in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park of Nova Scotia. The series is by and starred by John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells, and Mike Smith. The TV series has evolved following a series film by creator-director Mike Clattenburg, which showed the men at the Atlantic Filmfestival and eventually brought the group the series order from the Canadian Showcase network. One Last Shot premiered in 1998, followed by Trailer Park Boys.

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A vulgar but charming cats-lover who performed in the 1995 Clattenburg short “The Cart Boy.”

All are preparing to marry Ricky and Lucy for the big day. Ricky, however, is as untrustworthy as ever and Julian is concerned since everything falls on him to make the marriage happen. The last item on the list is food and to keep Ricky out of the plan to steal a grocery store. Ricky is setting up a stag party Where Julian and the others get so drunk with Ricky that he goes into a strip club. And they are stealing a car for the stealing that goes hill-and-mouth when right in the middle of it. What Trailer Park Boy character are you?

All this comes to me when I certainly saw the most trashy wedding. And suitable for the scene when it’s attacked by the policemen that Mr.Lahey tipped away. And Ricky ends up in prison and Lucy may say ‘I don’t’. Julian demonstrates how nice a buddy he’s. Because he shoots his weapons to arrest Ricky so that he doesn’t go back to prison all by himself.

Ricky and Julian start to think positively while in jail and look at the luminous side of their circumstances. Is this mindset sticking? To find out, we only need to wait till season 2.

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which trailer park boy character are you
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