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Take this which Elfen Lied character are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

There is gratuitous violence and female nudity in the series’ initial episode, but as it continues to develop, the plot becomes much more complex.

It explores issues such as social isolation, alienation, identification and prejudice, emotional and physical abuse as well as jealousy, revenge, regret, and life’s value. This anime is only for adults.

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In spite of the fact that Elfen Lied appears to be an anime about pointless violence, the violent content is a major component in the overall theme of this anime’s story. In addition to being a Diclonius, Lucy’s violent behavior has other causes. While it’s easy to assume that Lucy’s violent conduct stems from her Diclonius nature, we discover more about her past as a child and what she went through as a youngster, which helps to explain Lucy’s violent behavior as the series goes.

Which Elfen Lied character are you?

In certain ways, Elfen Lied is inspired by a manga of the same name. The anime, which lasted only thirteen episodes, finished before the manga. Elfen Lied is a 12-volume manga series. The anime, on the other hand, adapts the first few chapters of the plot and then cuts significant amounts of it to create its own unsatisfying cliffhanger of a finale. The second season of Elfen Lied may have seemed unusual, but it’s not uncommon for an anime to never entirely adapt a manga’s storyline. The animation, without a doubt, acted as great publicity for the manga, which was still in progress.

In spite of the fact that the anime concluded in Japan in 2004, it didn’t really take off in popularity until it came to the United States in 2005, coincidentally, just after the manga ended. They referred to it as an “ultra-violent E.T. And they’re right. Also, you will find out which Elfen Lied character are you in this quiz.

Their supersonic limbs can interact with their surroundings in a violent manner, as a result. Until one night, she manages to escape from a government prison. Nyu, on the other hand, is a childlike innocent.

The scientist Kurama has kept Diclonius at a secure facility located on the shore of Kamakura in Kanagawa, south of Yokohama, for the last 30 years. A teenager named “Lucy” is the first Diclonius to escape. She uses her vectors to deflect bullets and murder security personnel with ease that baffles her pursuers.

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In spite of the fact that Lucy and her sardonic qualities have not entirely disappeared, whenever she sustains a head injury or encounters excessive violence, she reappears as a sadistic person and shifts between her two personalities. . Later, he chooses to restore the bodies of Bando and Nana and has Nana returned to Kamakura. Nana and Mayu, who are both 14, rush away together after witnessing Bando and Lucy’s altercation.

To be fair, this series does involve some fanservice, namely female nudity. Lucy and the other Diclonii are routinely shown naked in the research center while they are being experimented on. Even still, there is nothing sexual about this show’s nudity at all!

It’s a remarkable scene when Lucy tears the head of a passing secretary. And uses her body as a shield before tearing into his gang. It’s telling that the most horrifying act of violence in the entire series is also the least visually explicit one in the entire series, as well.

It’s just that the violence seems to have so little of an impact on people. In the case of Diclonius Nana, Lucy strips her of her limbs so she can replace them with artificial ones made of plastic. Bando, a mercenary, is equally injured and blinded, but cybernetics is used to repair all of his wounds. Why should we care about violence if it has no meaning to the characters?

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