Which Day6 Member Is Your Boyfriend

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Take this Which Day6 Member Is Your Boyfriend quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Sungjin Sungjin was born in Busan, South Korea, but his family later relocated to Seoul, where he and his older sister were raised. Sungjin was a part of 5LIVE before the name was changed to Day6 after fans compared him to Maroon5. He and Wonpil won the JYP Vocal Audition in 2010 before making their 5LIVE debut. He’s quite attractive, and Jae remarked he reminds him of Lee Min Ho. Do you believe they actually resemble each other?

He is a big fan of video games and sports. Jae refers to him as “Bob” because he resembles Bob the builder. Sungjin, the band’s leader, frequently writes their songs. Even when he is not feeling well, he occasionally feels proud of himself for making good music. He has a wonderful voice. He appeared in an episode of “Hidden Singer” and competed against JYP himself, but he was ousted in the third round due to a lack of votes.

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Jae Jae was born to a Korean household in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When he was five years old, his family relocated to California. Prior to his debut with Day6 under JYP Entertainment, he frequently uploaded song covers to his YouTube channel, yellowpostitman. He finished sixth on Kpop Star Season 1, and he later earned a contract with JYP Entertainment. In his YouTube channel, he occasionally shares facts, such as the fact that he is allergic to pollen. Because he wears spectacles, he is dubbed “Chicken Little” and “Harry Potter.”

Which Day6 Member Is Your Boyfriend

He founded a debate club while in high school at Cerritos High School in California. He attended California State University after graduating from high school, specializing in Political Science. Jae used to be an intelligent student who looked hot when putting on his glasses, it is also disclosed. He speaks English quite well, but he confesses that he does not speak Korean very well. But he claims to see dreams in both English and Korean. When he is upset, he tends to think in Korean. Also, you must try to play this Which Day6 Member Is Your Boyfriend quiz.

K is a teenager.
Young K was born in Ilsan, South Korea, and then relocated to Toronto, Canada, to further his education, where he stayed for roughly four years. He subsequently went on to study Business Management at Dongguk University, where he graduated in 2017. He aspired to be a basketball player when he was younger. However, in 2010, he launched his musical career as a member of a musical trio in Canada under the name Brian Kang. They performed in various Toronto places and uploaded videos to YouTube. When he was in this band, Young K had already written his own song. He is a musician, songwriter, vocalist, and rapper. He is also capable of playing musical instruments such as the bass guitar.

When he was in Toronto, he was scouted by a JYPE talent agent. JPY Entertainment accepted him and his bandmate, Don Lee. But his companion, Don Lee, dropped out of the program to seek a medical degree. Before making his Day6 debut, he featured as a backup dancer in Dream High 1 and Dream High 2. Young K is a good dancer; he once won a group dance competition in Canada, and he almost made his debut in a dance group alongside Wonpil. He prefers to be addressed as Young K, but most people refer to him as Brian.

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Wonpil was born and reared in Incheon, South Korea, alongside his older sister. He was a founding member of 5LIVE before the band’s name was changed to Day6. He helped write some of Day6’s songs. He has 4D personalities, according to the other Day6 members. His favorite pastime is collecting action figures. He also frequently asks strange questions to Sungjin, such as “Are you a bear?” and becomes upset when Sungjin does not respond.

Sungjin and Wonpil shared a room before relocating to the new dorm. And he has no idea how to respond when Wonpil asks strange things like that. Along with Young K, he contributed to the creation of Day6 songs.

Do Woon’s
Do Woon was born and reared in Busan, South Korea, alongside his older sister. The name of the group was changed from 5LIVE to Day6 once he joined. He learnt to play the drums at the age of 16 and is now taking vocal lessons. Do Woon has the shortest training time of any Day6 member. He attended Busan Arts College. Do Woon is claimed to be learning English with the assistance of Jae.

As the group’s maknae, the other Day6 members regard him as the cutest member. When he is shy, his ears frequently turn red. He also gets irritated when Wonpil asks to share his bed. He stated that his ideal type is someone with a lovely smile. He’d also like to date a tall, gorgeous woman with long hair.

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