Which Comic Book Character Are You?

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Take this Which Comic Book Character Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Thor’s short hair debuted at the same time that Thor: Ragnarok showed Thor without his flowing locks.

Thor was always recognized in the comics for his long blonde hair, which carried over into the movies as well. That is, until Thor: Ragnarok. The God of Thunder was getting his hair cropped in that film, and when this was revealed in preview photographs, a weird thing happened to the comic Odinson. His long hair was gone in an instant.

Thor had his hair short in the comics for many years, just like he did in the movies. His hair has restored to its longer length in the recent Donny Cates and Nick Klein Thor series, which coincidentally matches the movies.

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After Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Darkseid has reverted to his classic appearance.

Darkseid isn’t known for many radical costume changes, as Jack Kirby’s costumes are always near-perfect designs. This is one of the reasons why his new costume was such a surprise in the New 52’s first Justice League arc. This design would last for years, but after the Snyder Cut of Justice League depicted Darkseid in a more classic look, DC followed suit with Infinite Frontier #0.

This return to form for the God of Evil looked magnificent, even preserving the darker colors of Darkseid’s DCEU iteration, and was drawn by the legendary John Romita Jr. in his last work for DC. Also, you must try to play this Which Comic Book Character Are You quiz.

Which Comic Book Character Are You?

Following the release of The Avengers in 2012, Hawkeye’s old purple costume was no longer worn.

Movie Hawkeye is another figure that drew inspiration from The Ultimates since his suit in 2012’s The Avengers resembled the Ultimate Universe Hawkeye costume. This would herald changes for the comic Hawkeye, as his entirely masked, royal purple suit would be abandoned in favor of a more cinematic style.

While his comic costume and movie costume was never identical, the fact that he lost such an iconic costume design as the one he’d worn in the comics for years when the movie aired was more than a coincidence. One thing hasn’t changed: his determination to be a hero.

Scarlet Witch’s Costume Has Undergone More MCU-Like Changes Recently

Scarlet Witch eventually got an outfit that was more in line with the comics, thanks to WandaVision. The super-powered Avenger has recently been seen in an outfit that resembles the one unveiled in the MCU, even down to the alterations in her headgear. It’s certainly the most significant modification to the comic costume, and it’s also a strange one to make in general.

While giving Scarlet Witch in the MCU more comic-accurate clothing is wonderful, making alterations to her existing costume, as seen in the teasers for the Darkhold plot, is odd.

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During the first Marvel NOW! Publishing Initiative, Captain America was given a more movie-accurate costume.

Most comic book aficionados remember Captain America: The First Avenger’s comic-accurate suit and how it was basically insulted by the film. The resulting design was inspired by the Ultimate Universe suit, underlining the distinctions between movie and comic Cap, and would be carried over to the 616 Universe in the post-Avengers Vs. X-Men Marvel NOW! soft reboot.

While the suit appeared harder and more militaristic, comic readers were put off by the lack of trademark wings on his head, the helmet replacing the cowl, and the lack of apparent chain mail. In the comics, his costume has subsequently returned to normal.

Following the release of the films, the X-Men adopted the black leather look.

The Fox X-Men films went out of their way to parody the team’s comic attire, and the comics quickly followed suit. When Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely took over X-Men, renaming it New X-Men and launching the legendary run, their X-Men transitioned from the more colorful costumes of the previous run to something more like to the movies.

While they weren’t precisely the same, and Morrison made sure to add a justification for the change to their comics uniforms that makes more sense than any of the several MCU outfit changes in recent years, many fans missed the old costumes.

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