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We all know the phrases “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” from the Declaration of Independence, yet many people gave up the chase a long time ago. Some people can recall the day and time when their perspective on life and themselves shifted: Consider the poor Secret Service agent who, 40 years later, said in an interview that he could never forgive himself because he believed that if he had only acted faster, he could have prevented John F. Kennedy’s assassination or first-responders who believe that if they had only acted faster, they could have saved someone’s life.

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However, for many others, the events are less clear. Instead, the conviction that they are unworthy of happiness goes underground, aggressively sabotaging any attempt to be joyful. As a result, individuals suffer from low-level but chronic depression, never go past a first date, or talk about their passions but never actually follow them. Or they are constantly anxious, even though they can’t pinpoint the source. Whether their self-image views are conscious or unconscious, the final result is the same – a deterioration of their lives. Also, you must try to play this Do I Deserve To Be Alone Quiz.

Do I Deserve To Be Alone Quiz

Here are some of the most typical causes of self-sabotage:

Past transgression (s)

People here look back on their lives and only see the mistakes they’ve made and the people they’ve wronged. Their lives are a saga of devastation and grief, with remorse and regret serving as their predominant emotions. Their unhappiness is a penance they will have to pay for the rest of their lives.

Survivor remorse

Elvis Presley’s twin brother died shortly after his birth, and it is reported that Elvis was tortured by guilt that he had survived while his twin brother had not. This survivor’s guilt is likely to plague that Secret Service agent, people who escaped an aircraft disaster when others did not, and first responders who believe they did not do enough to save a victim. This is guilt that is frequently laced with a big dosage of post-traumatic stress disorder.


I’ve met ladies who were sexually molested as youngsters and came away from the experience believing they were “filthy.” And because they believed they were, they felt unworthy of having their own children.

Childhood trauma not only causes emotional scars, but it also leaves the child with a distorted picture of themselves; they live with self-blame, fear of duplicating these traumas, and a view of a world that is always dangerous, clouding any emotions of happiness.

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Parental concern

“A parent’s happiness is just as great as her unhappiest child.” Many parents believe this since parenting does not end when a child reaches the age of 18. Their anxieties, guilt, and feelings of helplessness can become a burden in everyday life.

Critical self-perception

Those who are continuously critical of themselves — those who are perfectionistic, hard-driven, or who have had critical or abusive childhoods — are effectively trapped at the bottom of a well with few or no ways out. If happiness is based on who you are, and who you are is based on what you accomplish, and everything needs to be perfect, then your successes will be few and far between. While you may strive for a while to reach the mark, you may eventually discover you can’t. All you have is an angry voice in your head telling you how you always mess up, how you’re a loser, how you’ll never be good enough, a prescription for chronic unhappiness.

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