Which Frozen 2 Character Are You?

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Take this Which Frozen 2 Character Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Queen Iduna and King Agnarr

Elsa and Anna’s parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna made a brief appearance in the first film. Frozen 2 will expand out their personas, revealing why they were so hesitant to advise Elsa to accept her talents in the first place. Runeard, King Agnarr’s father, was a severe man who despised magic. Runeard was tragically killed in a violent forest battle with the magic-wielding Northuldra, and his 14-year-old son barely escaped. Agnarr was rescued by an unknown hero, and he returned home forever changed by what transpired in the Enchanted Forest.

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Unlike her husband, Queen Iduna was not born into royalty, but rather from modest beginnings. She was always concerned with making her girls feel safe, even if it meant keeping the past hidden from them. She secretly explored ways to assist them and her people in healing their environment. Also, you must try to play this Which Frozen 2 Character Are You quiz.

Which Frozen 2 Character Are You?


The Enchanted Forest has been closed for decades, but the mists that protect it split before Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff arrive. They soon come across the Northuldra, a tribe that still lives within the Enchanted Forest and is strongly connected to the natural world and its spirits. Yelena is their leader, and she is first enraged at Elsa for arousing the ghosts with her presence. She’s very protective of her people, and she can’t comprehend why an Arendellian would be endowed with magical abilities when she believed they despised magic. She believes that the Arendellians were the ones who started the fight all those years ago, earning the spirits’ wrath.

Ryder Nattura and Honeymaren

Honeymaren and Ryder Nattura are two of Northuldra’s most significant members. Honeymaren is a courageous warrior, a skilled tree climber, and a skilled reindeer rider. Honeymaren is initially apprehensive of Anna and Elsa, but she warms up to them after she remembers a lullaby Elsa is singing. She points out the nature symbols on Elsa’s scarf, a gift from Queen Iduna, and detects a mystery fifth symbol.

Ryder, her brother, is much less hesitant, and he quickly bonds with Kristoff because of their mutual love of reindeer. He’s a daydreamer who grew up hearing stories of the blue skies, mountains, and plains beyond the Enchanted Forest and is eager to explore them. When the reindeer herd is threatened by magic, Ryder and Kristoff show to be formidable allies.

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Lieutenant Mattias was King Agnarr’s personal bodyguard, and he’s been stuck in the Enchanted Forest since the mists fell 34 years ago. He had no idea what happened to the king on the day of the fight and is overjoyed to find that Agnarr survived. Mattias is convinced that the Northuldra were the aggressors all those years ago, and he has yet to forgive them. Anna recognizes Mattias by his portrait, which hangs in the Arendelle Castle’s library.

Elementals and Mystical Beings

The spirits of the Enchanted Forest are awakening, with various beings representing each of the four elements. The Nokk, a mysterious and nefarious power that attacks Elsa in the Dark Sea, is the most significant. The Nokk appears in Germanic folklore as a siren, seducing people to their doom. The Fire Spirit, dubbed “Bruni,” races through the forest, leaving a scorching trail until Elsa captures it and soothes it down. The Wind Spirit, dubbed “Gale” by Olaf, is unpredictable and playful energy.

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