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We’ve all met the theater kid: theatrical, shameless, and completely enthralled with obscure and mainstream musicals alike, they’re a fundamental part of the archetypal American high school experience. But the question is, what makes someone a theater kid, and why are these attributes branded as “cringe” across the country?

To comprehend this cultural phenomenon, we must first examine the typical characteristics of theater youngsters. The first, and certainly most important, the factor is the group’s cultish aura. They tend to cluster together in a close pack due to the nature of high school theater – rehearsal all day, every day.

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This may result in a lack of boundaries, which may be worsened by quick changes in front of one another in between scenes that are gender agnostic. Also, you must try to play this Theatre Kid Quiz.

Theatre Kid Quiz

This manifests itself in the following ways:

  1. Cuddle-puddles (not to be confused with those performed during Ecstasy raves; it’s simply a display of physical affection between numerous persons at the same time).
  2. Inside jokes that no one outside the drama bubble understands.
  3. Only dating within the theater group (which more often than not overlaps in an incestuous manner).

Obviously, most theater kids are fascinated with musicals and theatrical productions. Some well-known examples are “R.E.N.T,” “Hairspray,” “Hamilton,” “Spring Awakening,” and a plethora of other plays that most people have never heard of. They frequently express their affection for these shows by breaking into song or dance, often in contexts when it is not socially appropriate — for example, in the middle of an AP Calculus lecture.

Theater kids are common and notorious in American high schools, as depicted in several popular culture depictions. The theatrical antics of musical-theater nerds may be found in the hit show “Glee,” particularly in the captain of Glee Club, Rachel Berry, a competitive, self-proclaimed diva who eventually works her way to a Tony Award.

She both enchants and frustrates fans, who adore her voice but loathe her demeanor. This is definitely an excellent parallel for the general public’s perception of theater kids, minus the dazzling.

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“Saturday Night Live” has made fun of theater kids in their “High School Theatre Show” skits (featuring Reese Witherspoon, Elizabeth Banks, and Emma Stone), portraying junior thespians attempting to address world issues in a theater show with a “avant-garde” twist, showcasing the awkwardness of inexperienced teenagers attempting to express themselves.

So, what is it about them that makes them feel embarrassed, even “cringe?” A lot of it boils down to weirdness in general – from singing to performance, there are numerous “please don’t do that in public” moments that most students attempting to live in a high school social climate would not be caught dead doing.

A wonderful example of this is the viral TikTok video labeled, “At a Denny’s? Really?” in which theatre students are seen brazenly singing “Summer Nights” from the critically acclaimed musical “Grease” at a Denny’s. As restaurant diners looked on, drama youngsters danced in a circle, shouted out tunes, and swiveled their hips. Many comments on this video contained wistful requests for “bullying to return,” as well as feelings of embarrassment and agitation.

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