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Take this Vikings Boyfriend Quiz to find out which Ragnar son should you date. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.


Magnus of Mercia bore no resemblance to Ragnar Lothbrok, therefore no one accepted his claims to be Ragnar’s son. While Ragnar (who was never shown actually sleeping with Magnus’ mother) adamantly disputed his paternity, the prospect of Ragnar being his father lingered for much of the episode. And, of course, Magnus was convinced that he was one of Ragnar’s sons.

Snake-In-The-Eye Sigurd

Sigurd appeared to be Aslaug’s favorite son when he was born with the “snake in the eye,” but he wasn’t. Aslaug seemed to forget about Sigurd the minute Ivar was born, allowing him to grow into a self-sufficient and capable young man.

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Sigurd showed tremendous potential as a passionate leader, and he was the first to propose the formation of the Great Army to revenge Ragnar Lothbrok. He had grown up with little parental care, but he was robust and appeared to be one of Ragnar’s most compassionate sons. He chastised his mother for ignoring Siggy and saw Ivar for the monster he was destined to be. Also, you must try to play this Vikings boyfriend quiz.

Vikings Boyfriend Quiz


Most people put Hvitserk in the same category as Ivar, although this is not accurate; Hvitserk is more of a follower than a truly bad guy. As he watched Bjorn die, Hvitserk remarked, “Farewell, my brother…the Valkyrie summon you home.” In the end, he was more proud of Bjorn than he was of Ivar, despite the fact that he had spent more time battling beside the latter.

Hvitserk was neither a charismatic leader nor Ragnar’s brightest son, but he was devoted to his family. Despite their disagreements, he loved all of his brothers and always tried to do the right thing. Hvitserk, unlike Bjorn and Ivar, was not a strong-willed individual, which is why he was never very powerful. He didn’t care who was in charge, and Ivar knew it and took advantage of him for most of his life.


If the Vikings had a hero, Ubbe would be it. His strength was not limited to the sword or the ax. It was his unwavering determination to fight for what was right. He was a skilled warrior, yet he despised brutality and killing. He was also a good explorer, but he would not let his people perish because of a piece of land, even if he had acquired it rightfully, as in Greenland. He was also a great diplomat who would take advantage of any opportunity for peace to triumph over conflict, such as when he opted to battle Frodo personally rather than send everyone to war.

Ubbe was simply the best of Ragnar’s sons, but he was not the most powerful because his birthright had been taken by his younger brother. When his side was defeated in the battle of Kattegat, he accepted his fate and sailed to England, where he eventually obtained the territory that Ragnar had failed to obtain. He was resilient and patient when he ultimately chose his own way, surviving greater perils than Ragnar and the rest of his siblings. In the end, he discovered what all of Ragnar’s sons had longed for.

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Ivar the Boneless

Ivar was intimidating and brutal, but he was not a weak man. Everyone underestimated him, and he knew it, so he took advantage of it. He had to work harder than the other Ragnar’s sons to become the powerful man he was, but once he did, he was the best. He was also a liar who knew how to acquire what he wanted by instilling pity and affection in the hearts of others.

He realized that Ubbe had no chance of leading the Great army, so he let him fail and then used the opportunity to prove himself. The worst aspect is that he was vicious and selfish, so any gains he won he defended fiercely, and many people died as a result. Ivar, like Ragnar, was a tough survivor. He knew how to use adversity to his advantage, such as when he was besieged in York.

Ironside, Bjorn

When Bjorn died, Gunhild declared that the people would never see another man like him again, proclaiming him the genuine King of Norway, and she was correct. Bjorn committed many blunders in his life, yet he never gave up fighting for Ragnar’s desire. He might have just established a new Viking kingdom in East Anglia, but he recognized that he was a Lothbrok and that Kattegat was the place he needed to safeguard.

He was charismatic enough to secure the allegiance of Harald and Olavsson’s forces in York, but despite his overwhelming power, he chose not to use it against his own people. In the conflict with Ivar, he was the mature elder brother, but he miscalculated how wounded his sibling was. Bjorn was the one to go to when the right thing needed to be done. Everyone, including enemies like Harald, admired him.

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