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Take this Which Bleach character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

While most 15-year-olds in Japan focus on schooling, friends, and charity, Ichigo Kurosaki is focused more often on the spirits that haunt the streets. Wounded by a high-spirit power, and able to see ghosts from a boy, Ichigo spends his days safeguarding the paltry graves of indefensible fantasies, settling his father, and monitoring his little sisters, while heavily guilty — a quiet burden he shouldered the day his Mom died.

Rukia Kuchiki, the Hollows’ Soul Reaper, tasked to safeguard Ichigo’s area—the wicked spirits who are attempting to consume all of their souls along the way. When Hollows assault Ichigo’s home and threaten to slaughter her sisters, Ichigo accepts the offer of Rukia’s might.
Now accountable for Rukia’s duty as a Soul Reaper, Ichigo agrees to safeguard the Hollows population while delivering the wandering human souls to the Soul Society where they can be at peace.

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And if it is not hard enough to understand the insides of the soul and keep his new profession secret, Ichigo has to face a ghost of his past—the Hollow, who was responsible for the death of someone he held dear. Rukia not only has his own secrets, but he finds himself dragged into the struggle with his own kind when Ichigo realizes it is broken Soul Reaper laws punishable with death.

Which Bleach character are you

The protagonist of the series is Ichigo Kurosaki. He is an adolescent with extraordinary skills that allow him to glimpse fantasies. In the very first episode, we get to learn this power to offer flowers to the spirit of a girl. This offers us an overview of his personality. Whether they’re alive or not, he cares for people. He strives to please the fantasy girl. Ichigo lost his mom at a quite young age. The Hollow murdered his mother, as later revealed. Ichigo can put his life and goodness on the line in order to guard his loved ones. When he becomes a soul reaper, he extends to everyone his stance and tries to shield them against holes.

The instrumental character of ‘Bleach‘ is Rukia Kuchiki. She started it all like Ryuk’s ‘Death Note.’ She sees Ichigo about after being harmed by a hollow who can see her. She asks if Ichigo wishes to save his family through the reaping of souls. Ichigo agrees and we’re getting a wonderful show. The 13th division of Gotei 13 is Lieutenant to Rukia. At present, she is the division’s captain. Rukia is Ichigo’s close friend.

Her dad stopped going back with Orihime, and she asks what’s wrong with him. He asks for a ticket to borrow, and Orihime offers it to him. But he’s tearing it up! Then from behind you see Orihime’s father with a hole where his heart ought to be. He asks Orihime how many days have passed since she forgets him and adds that they won’t travel to the Soul Society. As father and daughter, they will live together forever. Then it turns into a monster and seizes on it. But Ichigo gets ready to block him in time.

About the quiz

Rukia tells then the hollowing of Inoue’s father. And then they tend to follow partners or other persons close to them throughout their lives. There is no means, however, of saving a person who, besides cutting the soul with a soul cutter, is hollow. What Bleach character are you?

Then Orihime’s father accused Ichigo of not being a nice girl for Orihime. She prayed daily to him after he died. While it was hollow, he felt it all was ok provided she kept praying. But she began to pray less and less often when Orihime met Ichigo. She continued to talk about Kurosaki and Kurosaki, who had departed out of her heart as her father. At this time Orihime got a backlash from Ichigo telling them she’s suffering from her dad. Since her father replies that her mother died 10 years ago and has been his treasure since then. But her feelings, she wouldn’t answer, so he murdered her.

Then Rukia cured Inoue, telling Inoue would have passed on if she hadn’t been there, too. Inoue thanks her saying, “Thank you, little girlfriend,” and she gets sad till she returns to normal size, so she’s back with her capabilities. Orihime then confesses to Ichigo that it didn’t matter earlier and she simply loved him as a schoolmate, and Ichigo claims he hadn’t been stupid at all, plainly uncomfortable. You promise to speak much later then Rukia takes her wand and Orihime says goodbye to the Soul Society.

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