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A 15-year old kid (with orange hair) is the main character, Ichigo Kurosaki. He meets one day the girl named Rukia Kuchiki who says to him she’s a shinigami, who destroys evil spirits and allows the souls to survive in the death room. They were struck by hollow (corrupt souls with chest holes that look like death masks’ days), and Rukia was severely wounded, so she gave Ichigo her power and Ichigo destroys the hollow.

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The next day, Rukia turns to Ichigo School and asks Ichigo, because he has taken all of its powers, to perform his shinigami duties. Cue the first arc, a monster the week where characters and a little history are introduced. The main cast is Uryu Ishida (straight hair and glass), the latter of a Quincy archers race who hates the shinigami for murdering his grandpa, Orihime Inoue, a nice girl with healing abilities, a slightly ditsy girl, and Chad Yasutora, a gentle gigantic guy who is not speaking a lot. As the plot continues, they become more and more sidelined.

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Some months later, some other shinigami (the afterlife) from the Soul Society arrested Rukia and executed her for empowering a human being. The brother of Rukia, Byakuya, uses his super-speed to derail Ichigo and to remove his spiritual power. Now it begins to be a standard manga shounen. Ichigo and his friends are prepared to infiltrate the Soul Society and bring Rukia back by a mysterious storekeeper / exiled Shinigami named Urahara Kisuke. Also, this is probably one of the most engaging quizzes you will play today.

The Emperor pulls his powers back when Ichigo comes to the stage because Ichigo is too powerful to confront. But the emperor promises and come back to complete the job.

The rest of the soul is reaping and Ichigo is teaching them to complete their evolution.

During Ichigo’s training, I discover the truth: his mother was a German-speaking spiritist, who deserted Ichigo and was assassinated by the Emperor. He knows the truth now, Ichigo needs vengeance. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this Bleach quiz.

The German-spirit friend of Ichigo’s Uryu thinks the same: his mother was a German spirit, assassinated by the emperor. Uryu also seeks vengeance and plans to accomplish that by infiltration and murder of the Emperor’s army.

WHICH! Ichigo, his relatives, Xcution’s soul reapers, even Aizen and his evil spirits confront the Emperor and his Spirit-German army.

Their battle ends with the Emperor in Ichigo, the bloody fight.

But God has eaten the Emperor and he himself is a god now, he says: “I don’t even need my army of Spirit German anymore, because I’m the god I’m not stoppable. I will use my divine powers to kill the earth and create a new world where everyone becomes immortal.”

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All seems lost, but Uryu fires into the Emperor’s heart a special arrow that briefly annulled his forces. There’s an opportunity for Ichigo.

Ichigo is using this opening to destroy once and for all the Emperor. Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

Sajin Komamura has been Squad captain 9 throughout the series, but his lieutenant, who knows that he owns the title, after a ten-year break, has a reason. Komamura uses the hidden strategy of his family to become human during Quincy’s invasion. To do this, he must first tear his own heart out of his chest.

He turns himself into a dog after using this technique and is forced to stay in this shape for the remainder of his life. But remains healthy enough to train his previous man and successor on the right.

Nobody thought Bleach would introduce a new villain, who was even stronger and more threatening than Aizen, but Yhwach came with him and literally became a god. Ichigo thwarted Yhwachs scheme when he cut him half with a Getsuga Tenshō, but years later, Yhwach was trying to destruct the past from the future.

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