What Type Of Goth Am I Test


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Goth is one of the most popular and diverse subcultures in the world. The Goth movement can be seen in a variety of cultures and age ranges. The style is distinguished by its trademark black attire, dark makeup, and eerie jewelry. There are, however, various varieties of Goth styles.

Typical Gothic
These are the first goths. They were influenced by early gothic rock bands from the 1980s. Big black hair, too pale complexion, heavy makeup, ripped fishnet, leather, and boots are typical components of this aesthetic.

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Industry Goth

Industrial goths are fans of everything heavy, metallic, and, well, industrial. Spikes, studs, chains, and buckles adorn their clothing and jewelry. They also have a penchant for all things military and are frequently seen dressed in leather, denim, vinyl, and canvas. In some aspects, they are fashionably similar to Cyber Goths in that they have a futuristic appearance; nevertheless, the Industrial Goth favors a much more monochrome palette. Also, you must try to play this What Type Of Goth Am I Test.

What Type Of Goth Am I Test

Goth Pastel
Pastel goth is a fashion trend that combines the rough edges of gothic fashion with the soft pastels more commonly associated with Kawaii fashion subcultures. Pastel goth clothes are a newer style.

Goth Hippies
These Goths are more mindful of dark religions and their surroundings. Their clothing is black, featuring occult images and symbols, as well as motifs from pagan religions.

Romantic/Victorian Gothics
They are greatly influenced by Victorian art, literature, and movies. They’re recognized for their exquisite, elegant, and frequently lacey attire, such as corsets, long flowing gowns, and frock coats. While Romantic Goths prefer black, they can also be seen in deep reds, blues, purple, green, and orange. Romantic Goths are obsessed with all things tragic; you’ll notice them poring over a copy of Romeo and Juliet or lost in a Lord Byron poem. They are fascinated by Victorian society and history, therefore they frequently attend tea parties, the theater, and masquerade balls.

What Romantic Goth outfit would be complete without a stunning, sensuous gown? This full-length black velvet gown is accented with a bone white corset with black accents. The neckline has been left exposed, and the sleeves sit loosely over the shoulders creating a feminine look.

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Lolita Goths
The Lolita fashion subculture originated in Japan, but it has evolved into so much more. Lolita Goths have given the Lolita aesthetic a gloomy touch. It’s comparable to Romantic/Victorian Goth, except it’s aimed at a much younger demographic. Lolita Goths are frequently seen carrying elegant and intricate parasols, dolls, and plush animals. Their hair is frequently done up, and a nice petticoat never hurts.

Goths in Glamour
Glam Goths dress the part, wear the appropriate clothing and makeup, listen to the appropriate music, and have the appropriate attitude. Simply said, they adore the aesthetic that is associated with being a Goth. Behind the mask, however, they lack the substance of a true Goth. In summary, they do it to show off and are regarded as want tobe posers by actual Goths.

Goth Vampires
All things dark and vampiric captivate Vampire Goths. They prefer to dress, live, and love like vampires. Being well-groomed is crucial, and this includes having long, black hair, as well as lovely nails and eyes. They take good care of their bodies since part of the aesthetic is to seem emaciated and hollowed out like a creature of the night. They won’t be found at the sunbeds because immaculate, light skin is required.

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what type of goth am i test
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