Dream Job Quiz: What Is My Dream Job?


Take this Dream Job Quiz to find out what is your dream job. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

What Is Dream Job Quiz?

Dream Job Quiz is a 30-question test that will analyze your job preferences and will determine what is your dream job based on your personality. If you take our What Is My Dream Job quiz you can get Lawyer, Pilot, Engineer, Designer, Doctor, Archaeologist, or some other jobs. This Dream Job quiz is 100% accurate and you will get a perfect recommendation.

The results went into these dream jobs and discovered that the top things Americans aspired to be when they grew up were doctor or nurse (33 percent), lawyer (24 percent), and actor (23 percent). Artists (22 percent) and teachers (21 percent) rounded out the top five ideal jobs for respondents, with race car drivers, archeologists, and “anything where I could do paperwork” also making the list.

The poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of The Genius of Play, of 2,000 parents with children aged three to fourteen, also looked at the elements that influenced respondents’ career paths and revealed an intriguing link between those and how they played as children.

While the top factors influencing respondents’ careers include the activities they participated in as children (50%) and the media they absorbed (40%), one-third (35%) indicate how they played also had an impact.

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Furthermore, respondents believe their parents’ employment (34%) influenced their professional path, as well as the toys they played with as children (32 percent ). Toys’ influence may not be altogether surprising, given that the average respondent first decided on their dream job at the age of seven. Also, you must try to play this Dream Job quiz.

Dream Job Quiz

Working Americans (about 1,800 respondents) felt that the abilities they learned while playing as children helped them achieve in their adult employment. Creativity (56 percent), cooperation (50 percent), and problem-solving are among these soft abilities (42 percent ). Play also taught people qualities such as empathy (41%), and communication (39%).

Playing as an adult may also be beneficial, as 79 percent believe it helps them be more creative when solving a problem at work.

“One of the wonderful things about play is the value it provides to people of all ages,” says Anna Yudina, senior director of marketing initiatives at The Toy Association, which is spearheading The Genius of Play. “As the poll shows, play helps children learn new abilities and can lead them as they consider future jobs — but it can also help adults by allowing them to be creative and think outside the box.”

“That’s why we encourage prioritizing play at every age, and we offer a variety of play ideas available for quick access on our website,” Yudina explains.

Designer of video games

Primary responsibilities: Video game designers frequently work on game design and software design. They may create multiple characters, scenarios, and rules while simultaneously handling the game’s coding.


The primary responsibility of an actor is to communicate the feelings and thoughts of their character through voice and body language. Actors can work on both the stage and the big screen. Some people only use their voices for animation or other voiceover work.

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Primary responsibilities: Musicians provide music in a variety of contexts. Some artists release original work on albums or in live performances. Others join an orchestra and perform classical arrangements. Some musicians contribute to the score of films or other recorded performances.


Bakers’ primary responsibilities include preparing the ingredients for baking and producing baked items. Some additionally run a store, which entails additional responsibilities such as running the cash register, maintaining exhibits, and providing customer service.


Primary responsibilities: Illustrators can work either manually or digitally. Manual illustrators create images by drawing, painting, or sketching them, typically to complement the text. Digital artists accomplish the same thing, except instead of paper and pencils, they utilize computer software to create their images.


The major responsibility of an athlete is to compete in professional sports contests or matches. Athletes are almost always required to participate in an extensive training and practice program overseen by coaches or athletic trainers. They may also attend press conferences.

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