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With Halloween approaching, everyone seems to be thinking about costumes. People who normally wear jeans and T-shirts are now eyeing multicolored spandex, capes, wigs, and corsets and opening their wallets to obtain clothing that will show them to the world as someone — or something — they are not.

However, for those who cosplay (dress in costumes to role-play characters from movies, TV episodes, novels, comics, and video games), the challenge of metamorphosis is one they gladly accept at various times throughout the year.

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Cosplayers might devote a significant amount of time, money, and effort to creating or ordering one-of-a-kind head-to-toe presentations. Some designs include massive accessories, facial or bodily prostheses, operational electronics, or complicated mechanical parts. Other costumes impair the wearer’s ability to see or move, making it difficult for them to sit or navigate a room without assistance.

Who Should I Cosplay?

But what drives cosplayers to go to such lengths to change themselves? Cosplayers and psychologists who study the phenomenon show the individual and group characteristics that make dressing up so appealing and rewarding. Also, you must try to play this Who Should I Cosplay quiz.

When we say cosplayers speak the same language, we usually mean they’re friends, they’re into the Cosplay scene, and they get it. Even if they disagree on Star Trek vs. Star Wars, they admire one other’s commitment. They enjoy having fun and are absolutely unrepentant about how they go about it.

However, there is a more literal sense of “speaking the same language” among cosplayers. This refers to a common oral language used by cosplayers to communicate with one another. (If the word oral still makes you uncomfortable, get your mind out of the gutter.)

Anyway, there is particular cosplay slang terminology that many of you have undoubtedly heard a lot of that you may not understand and are probably too ashamed to ask for a full-fledged clarification of. For example, asking a cosplayer dressed as a Mortal Combat Scorpion Ninja what the four levels of cosplay are may seem improper.

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But don’t worry, we’ll save you the embarrassment. We’ll clarify all of the cosplay slang terminologies you’ve been asking about in this article. First, we’ll go over the four degrees of cosplay, from beginner to professional, and then we’ll dive into the trendy, groovy lingo of the cosplay community! And we’re off!

The first thing you should know about cosplay’s four levels is that they pertain to cosplay competitions or masquerades. Cosplay competitions are events in which cosplayers perform in front of judges in the hopes of winning awards.

Masquerades are competitions in which competitors put on a short theatrical vignette or fashion walk to improve their presentation.

When cosplayers compete, they are split into four levels, giving rise to the term “four levels of cosplay.” These four levels are most usually known as a novice, journeyman, master, and professional.

Let’s get one thing straight before we get into the levels. These tiers were set up to foster fairness rather than to solicit immature comments from grown men and women dressed in superhero costumes.

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