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The presence of swords in practically every mythology, from Katana-wielding ninjas and samurais to King Arthur’s Excalibur, demonstrates how deeply these blades have entered our dreams.

Yes, most swords may appear to be unimpressive at first glance. However, once you’ve seen a hero exhibit true swordsmanship with a gorgeous sword, you’ll understand instantly why these weapons are so profoundly ingrained in our collective consciousness.

Swords, with their in-your-face phallic design, represent power, protection, strength, courage, and authority. Because these weapons need so much practice to perfect, they also serve as wonderful emblems of discipline and mastery, heroism, and chivalry.

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Furthermore, swords signify the power of will and intellect to unveil, conceal, unite, or discriminate on a deeper archetypal level. As a result, these blades appear in a variety of legends from diverse cultures around the world, in varied forms, and with varying abilities.

A blazing sword forms a barrier around Eden in the biblical creation account, separating man from the tree of life. Perseus slew Medusa with Zeus’ adamantine sword in Greek mythology. More recently, the famous Excalibur of Arthurian mythology has served as proof of Authur’s heritage and claim to Britain’s legitimate sovereignty. Also, you must try to play this What Sword Are You quiz.

What Sword Are You?

Aside from imagination, swords have profound and vast utilitarian roots.

Swords were the battlefield weapon of choice from the ancient Mesopotamian empires to the early twentieth-century European wars due to their effectiveness in man-to-man fighting. These weapons were used in World War I and into the Second World War, primarily for ceremonial purposes or as jungle machetes.

Sword with Two Hands

The term “two-handed sword” refers to any huge sword designed to be used primarily with two hands. As a result, if they are large enough, any of the following words can fit into this category.

Greatswords are long swords similar to those used in Europe and Asia throughout the Middle Ages. The greatsword was popular throughout the Renaissance, however, some older swords, such as the Scottish Claymore, bear a striking similarity.

These colossal weapons can range in length from 63 to 71 inches and are frequently as tall as a full-grown man. Because greatswords were too heavy to wield with one hand, they usually had a big grip for two-handed use and extra leverage.

The Claymore is an early Scottish greatsword with a distinctive two-handed grip or a basket hilt.

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The Zweihander (“two-hander”), sometimes known as the Doppelhander (‘double-handed) or the Beidhander (‘both-hands’), is a German two-handed sword modeled after late-medieval longswords. The sword rose to prominence in the early 16th century, when it was used by German mercenary soldiers.

The Swordstaff (svärdstav) is a 16th-century Scandinavian medieval weapon that is produced by attaching a sword blade to the end of a staff. As a result, this weapon combines the force and utility of a sword with the reach of a spear.

Swordstaffs have a significant advantage over spears due to their blade edge, which makes them good for close combat. Furthermore, because they are longer, they may generate more force in an assault when compared to single swords.

Straight and Double-edged Swords
These are double-edged swords with a straight, long blade.

The name “longsword” refers to a variety of late Medieval and Renaissance weapons that were frequently designed for use with both hands. However, a few variations can also be used with one hand.

Longswords are typically longer than short swords and bastard swords.

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