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The eighth season of Dreamworks TV and Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender was bound to cause controversy, more so than the normal TV season finale. Despite being a critically lauded revival of the original ’80s franchise, the series has been plagued by fan feuds for the majority of its run. Debates over character decisions and story twists have finally branded Voltron’s fandom as hostile, to the point where many people are discouraged from engaging with the series as a result of the fandom’s reputation. It was evident that no amount of brilliant animation, action, or fantastical storytelling — the series’ backbone from Avatar: The Last Airbender veterans Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos — could calm the tempest.

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Voltron’s finale, on the other hand, is worth seeing for both past and current fans of the series, expertly weaving in inside jokes, plotlines, and characters into its last season that foreshadows the harrowing conclusion the series has been building to for the past seven seasons. If the Voltron discussion threw you off track, there’s still time to reboard the mecha and enjoy the final stretch of episodes. Also, you must try to play this What Paladin Are You quiz.

What Paladin Are You?

Honerva, the Galra-aligned Altean first introduced to us as Zarkon’s witch, Haggar, in season one, ultimately takes center stage as Voltron’s final “big evil” in season three. Although her intentions to find a reality where she may live peacefully with her son and husband make her more ethically gray than Zarkon, and not as compelling as the charismatic Lotor, Honerva is a fitting concluding villain for the series as she puts every reality at risk in pursuit of her goal.

This final season also saw the conclusion of some of the series’ concluding relationship arcs, most notably that of Allura and Lance (the rumored romance between Keith and Acxa did not pan out). Both Allura and Lance are more mature and experienced than when their adventure began, and by the final season, they’ve reached a place where they’re comfortable together, respect each other’s boundaries and decisions, and are willing to put their whole trust in each other. Bringing the two together officially in the first episode of the season allowed us to see their relationship blossom in a way that felt natural for both sides throughout the season.

Lance aspired to be a pilot and find love and concealed his uncertainties beneath a mask of wit and confidence. Yet he was forced to watch helplessly as the woman he loved marched to her death, his insecurities are never resolved, he spends the rest of his life as a depressed farmer, and a permanent reminder of his failure is tattooed on his face.

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Lotor grew up in an abusive household. His desperate attempts to become a nice person are ruthlessly crushed by his own parents, and he becomes obsessed with resurrecting Altea, which he romanticizes as an ideal of serenity and safety. He never has the opportunity for redemption, goes insane, and is melted alive. Then he is sentenced to spend forever with his abusers, who, while being objectively much worse, DO get to be redeemed.

Hunk gets a happy ending, but he narrowly escapes with his life. In an interview with AfterBuzz on February 25, 2019, showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery announced that they intended to murder him off. Fortunately, Dreamworks execs vetoed it. Hunk, on the other hand, was an executive’s permission away from the chopping block. Also, you will find out What Paladin are you in this quiz.

Shiro… I’d have to create an entirely new essay to detail all the ways Shiro was screwed over, and his reputation as a multi-minority representative (homosexual, crippled, PTSD-afflicted, man of color) was ruined. Let’s just say it began long before S8.

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